Personalized Video Delivers Win-Win for Customers & Marketers

July 20, 2018







Conagra Brands understands that consumers are different—and thus purchase packaged foods for different reasons. In order to tailor messaging to be more relevant and emotional to target audience groups, they wanted to transform their messaging approach from “one to all” to “one-to-one.” That’s why they teamed up with Innovid to create a dynamic video campaign for PAM Cooking Spray that delivered personalized messages that would better resonate with audiences and begin ConAgra Brands’ shift towards personalizing messages on all video campaigns.

Innovid Solution:

Conagra Brands and its agencies, Spark Foundry and DDB, partnered with Innovid to build and deliver real-time personalized video experiences that included interactive recipes tailored to each of their target audience groups, across devices. These target audience groups included consumers looking for cooking solutions to either help them make healthy meals or consumers who want to cook or bake something impressive on the first try. In order to deliver hyper-relevant messages to these audiences, Conagra Brands also identified unique sub-segments inside these audiences, including exercisers, people who entertain frequently, and parents.

In addition to delivering interactive recipes tailored to the specific attributes of each viewer, Innovid further personalized the video experience based on device (desktop, mobile, and tablet) and day of the week. Powered by an integration with the brand’s data management platform, Salesforce DMP, Innovid was able to identify which audience segment each video viewer belonged to, and dynamically serve relevant creative rather than a more general, default message.