Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Advertisers Need Cross-Platform Currency for Outcomes: Publicis’s Shelby Saville

February 2, 2023

LAS VEGAS – Consumers divide their time among multiple media channels and electronic devices, challenging advertisers to figure out the best ways to reach them. Marketers also want to identify the best combination of attributes that delivers an outcome.

“As we’re seeing things evolve, it’s giving us more insight into behaviors taken, what consumers are doing once they see our ad,” Shelby Saville, chief investment officer at Publicis Media US, said in this interview at CES 2023, “but it’s not yet available to really be one measurement currency across all devices that we can really activate fluidly.”

Developing a metric that helps to set the value of ad transactions, or what is known as a currency, is a collaborative effort among buyers and sellers of media with the help of third-party measurement providers.

“That is probably one of the biggest topics that we’re talking about with clients today because it’s critically important that we get the measurement right,” Saville said, “but I think we are on a path to that. I don’t think that there’s anything emerging right now yet that is going be the leader on solving that problem overall.”

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