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Converged TV advertising solutions across linear, connected TV (CTV) and digital video

Boost your converged TV advertising performance with seamless ad serving, scaled and personalized creative, and measurement solutions built for every platform and screen.

Primary Ad Serving Across Devices

New devices, channels, platforms, publishers, the rise of connected TV, and privacy concerns have complicated cross-channel ad serving. Innovid guarantees quality ad delivery on every device, and we help simplify your global ad delivery approach with instant validation and automatic encoding to unique publisher requirements in more than 70 countries — all from a single asset.

CTV Solutions

Serve Ads to the Widest Coverage of Platforms

Easy Encoding
& Validation

Trusted and

Creative Management

The impact of engaging, personalized creative cannot be overstated, but bringing that to life—at scale—can be intimidating. That’s where Innovid’s award-winning creative management solutions come into play. Use our interactive and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) tools to create customized ads designed to improve performance and deliver against your unique business objectives.

Ad Solutions

InnovidXP: Global Measurement
For CTV and Beyond

InnovidXP is the premiere global measurement and attribution platform for CTV. Don’t believe us? Just look at our stock symbol. Powered by Innovid’s ad-serving footprint, InnovidXP offers advertisers an unmatched, straight-from-the-source view into streaming with over 1 billion video MRC-accredited impressions processed daily across over 95 million households without manual trackers or intermediaries. Go beyond static measurement to transform learnings into media and messaging strategy, automate insights into action, and drive campaign outcomes, all within a single destination.

With InnovidXP, you gain:

  • A media-unbiased partner certified by thousands of publishers, operating without manipulation, kickbacks, or O&O prioritization, thus ensuring the most objective cross-publisher measurement. 
  • A superior platform experience featuring always-on insights via intuitive, easy-to-use navigations, editable data visualizations, and export functionality. 
  • Actionable insights to drive media strategy chiefly through granular inter-publisher comparisons of reach, frequency, unique reach, and outcomes.
  • Instant campaign optimization with a single button click. Use InnovidXP measured outcomes to identify the best-performing creative and ensure that creative is served more often.

Always-on, Actionable Insights
Ready For Primetime

Built on a unified household identity infrastructure, the easy-to-use InnovidXP platform delivers always-on measurement spanning reach, frequency, incremental reach, and outcomes attribution, no matter your campaign size, goals, or geography.

With InnovidXP, you can:

  • Measure the overlapping reach of OTT buys vs. linear.
  • Measure the overlapping reach and frequency between individual media providers, networks, and creatives.
  • Quickly evaluate which specific publishers, networks, and media partners are driving the most – and least – impact.
  • Understand not only which media partners are top performers, but also the most cost-effective way to buy their inventory.
  • See the immediate impact of your creative messaging by week, day, and even daypart. 
  • Set more accurate frequency caps by individual media providers, platforms, or devices.
  • Measure the immediate response and longer-term impact tied to numerous KPIs such as web visits, sales, sign-ups, app activities, and more.

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