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Advertising measurement
for the converged TV marketplace

Evaluate linear, CTV and digital advertising with independent, global measurement spanning platforms, partners, and devices.

TV Ad Measurement

TV measurement is experiencing a revolution, driven by emerging platforms, diversified datasets, and an industry-wide quest for new metrics. InnovidXP delivers a unified view of the converged TV universe through a cross-platform, tag-free measurement solution, powered by the scale and automation of our ad server. Driven by over one billion video impressions processed daily and delivered to more than 95 million households, InnovidXP empowers advertisers to measure linear and CTV advertising together—analyzing reach and outcomes at scale, across platforms, including walled gardens.

Audience Measurement and Performance Outcomes
for the Total TV Ecosystem

InnovidXP measures linear, CTV, and addressable for local, national, and global TV advertisers and encompasses a broad set of KPIs that provides measurement flexibility and always-on, actionable insights to evaluate both media and creative performance.

InnovidXP includes:

  • A unified view of converged TV campaigns, providing consistent audience measurement and proof of performance
  • Always-on reach and frequency metrics, including optimal reach and frequency for the greatest efficiency
  • Measurable KPIs that prove ROI and directly tie TV to business outcomes
  • Unique and unduplicated reach of CTV beyond linear and within individual publishers, including programmatic buys
  • Expansive household-level footprint of 95M CTV homes and complete local coverage across all 210 DMAs

TV Metrics that Matter

With a unified view of linear and CTV advertising, InnovidXP enables advertisers across global markets and industries to measure the KPIs that matter most. Our always-on platform reporting delivers transparency into TV metrics that prove ROI and demonstrate business impact, including sales, registrations, app activities, web visits, cross-platform audience reach, plus more.

  • Unlock which networks, publishers, creative, day, and dayparts deliver the strongest performance
  • Track media efficiency with metrics such as cost per reach and frequency, and reach and frequency tied to outcomes
  • Drill into reach extension analysis to measure unique and unduplicated audience reach

Superior Data for
Cross-Platform TV Measurement

InnovidXP delivers cross-platform TV measurement, leveraging datasets that connect the dots across linear and CTV advertising, audiences and outcomes. This includes second-by-second CTV ad impressions from our built-for-TV ad server, direct integrations and certifications with thousands of streaming publishers and DSPs, and linear viewership and ad occurrence data from a diverse set of industry-leading partners and sources spanning ACR-data, smart TVs, and set-top-boxes. Through the breadth of our data and scale of platform, InnovidXP processes over one billion video impressions daily, covers 210 DMAs and 75 countries, and measures ads across over 95+ million households, including walled gardens.

Innovid Key

A Forward-Thinking Approach
To Identity Resolution

The InnovidXP platform is powered by high-quality datasets and built as an open framework with an identity as infrastructure approach. Innovid’s Innovid Key unlocks numerous identity solutions, mapping privacy-compliant data signals, partners, and approaches to connect first-and third-party audiences in a secure manner. The result is identity resolution at scale that allows advertisers to reach the right people with the right message across linear and CTV platforms, while ensuring data transparency and ownership.

Trusted. Reliable. Compliant.

Media Independent

Ensure your campaign results are accurate and honest by working with a completely independent partner.

Privacy Focused

Personalization and privacy go hand-in-hand. Innovid is committed to protecting and respecting consumer privacy, including the leading privacy regulations.


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