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Connected TV advertising solutions
for a cross-platform world

Level up your connected TV advertising with ad serving, creative, converged TV measurement, and identity solutions built for every platform and screen.

Primary Ad Serving
Centered Around CTV Advertising

As audiences make the switch from linear to streaming TV, Innovid’s built-for-television approach to primary ad serving helps you confidently follow suit. With open platform integrations, an infrastructure approach to identity, and optimization-based insights, we make it easy to deliver, personalize, and measure across the CTV landscape–digital’s fastest growing channel.

CTV Solutions

Serve Ads to the Widest Coverage of Platforms

Easy Encoding
& Validation

Trusted and

Connected with CTV Platforms

Our near-census ad serving footprint across over 95 million CTV homes anchors Innovid Key, our infrastructure approach to identity resolution that allows marketers to reach the right people with the right message while ensuring data transparency and ownership. This unrivaled coverage of the connected TV landscape powers the ability to tell personalized stories on any device, avoid creative oversaturation, better understand reach and frequency, break through walled gardens, and more.

CTV Ad Solutions

Advanced Creative Solutions for the Biggest Screen

Our award-winning creative solutions give you the opportunity to engage viewers on the biggest screen in the home with personalized experiences — at scale. Use our interactive and dynamic creative optimization tools to create unique experiences designed to improve performance and deliver against your business goals.

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): Personalization has never been easier. Create highly relevant experiences with our fully adaptable DCO frameworks and strategic decision trees that enable you to modify creative versions based on a variety of data signals.
  • Interactive Ads: Engage viewers on the biggest screen in the home. Our CTV Composer gives you the keys to quickly build interactive and personalized ads for over 25 connected devices. Use images, social assets, videos, and more to create experiences that allow viewers to explore additional content, offers, and products. Advertise on CTV, or anywhere, with truly engaging experiences.
Ad Solutions

InnovidXP: A Global Measurement Platform Built for Converged TV

Today’s advertisers are experiencing a converged TV era and need an alternative approach to measurement—one that provides an independent, consistent, and unified view of the fragmented TV audience. Powered by currency-grade impression data tied to an expansive CTV ad serving footprint, InnovidXP enables cross-platform TV ad measurement, providing always-on converged TV measurement for the largest TV advertisers.

InnovidXP delivers:

  • Enterprise Software at Scale: Automated cross-platform TV measurement integrated with independent ad serving data.
  • Cross-Platform TV Measurement: A consistent and complete view of advertising delivered across platforms, publishers, and devices, including walled gardens.
  • Actionable, Real-time Intelligence: Always-on insights for audience measurement and performance outcomes to fuel media and creative optimizations.
  • Unbiased Measurement: Census-level measurement powered by independent ad impression delivery across more than 95 million U.S. CTV homes.

Actionable, Automated Metrics that Matter for Linear and CTV Advertising

InnovidXP gives local, national and global advertisers access to real-time insights that measure TV impressions, performance and creative effectiveness to inform media investments and drive greater ROAS.

Cross-platform insights include:

  • Impression delivery, including reach and frequency
  • Media efficiency metrics, such as cost per reach and frequency, and reach and frequency tied to outcomes
  • Immediate and longer-term TV impact tied to specific online and offline KPIs – sales, registrations, app activities, web visits, in-store traffic and more
  • Incremental reach analysis of CTV beyond linear TV
  • Granular reach extension analysis proving publisher by publisher incrementality, including programmatic breakouts
  • Reach & performance metrics by creative, network/publisher, daypart, day of week, ​time of day, etc.​

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