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Seamless creative management
across every channel

Leverage dynamic creative optimization, dynamic creative solutions, interactive ads, and more to effortlessly engage your audiences.

Creative Solutions

Appeal to the Individual with Dynamic Creative Solutions

The impact of engaging, personalized creative cannot be overstated, but bringing that to life — at scale — can be intimidating. That’s where Innovid’s award-winning creative management solutions come into play. Use our interactive and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) tools to create customized ads designed to improve performance and deliver against your unique business objectives.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Successful DCO depends on three critical components: data, content, and the ability to marry the two in a cohesive strategy. Create highly relevant customer experiences through adaptable DCO frameworks and strategic decision trees that enable you to modify creative messaging based on a wide variety of data signals. Then, gain alignment faster than ever before through preview tools that simulate real-time conditions.

True Cross-Channel Personalization

Nailing creative personalization across all channels doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Eliminate the hassle of using multiple vendors for your cross-channel creative management needs. All your media — including TV, video, social, display, and DOOH — can be personalized, delivered, and managed with one partner.

Interactive CTV Ads

Engaging Creative Solutions
for Connected TV

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with viewers on the biggest screen in the home through interactive and personalized ads. Innovid’s CTV Composer gives you the keys to quickly build both interactive and dynamic ads for over 25 devices. Use images, social assets, videos, and more to create experiences that allow viewers to explore additional content, offers, and products — all from the comfort of their couch.

Sophisticated, Instant
Optimization to Continuously
Improve Performance

Use Innovid to go beyond static measurement and transform learnings into instant media and messaging optimizations, improving ROI across all partners. With the automation of a combined measurement and ad serving offering, advertisers unlock the value of immediate insights. Beyond optimizing off KPIs, advertisers can implement advanced models to confirm data sets are statistically significant and use creative templates that instantaneously broadcast success from one asset to all other channels.

Integrated Tools for
Streamlined Ad Personalization and Authoring

Conceptualizing a personalized approach is hard enough; executing a DCO campaign shouldn’t be. Innovid’s Composer Suite offers full flexibility for you to compose ads using the tools you love, from Photoshop and After Effects to Google Web Designer and Innovid’s own Creative API. Our ad authoring solutions allow you to execute the design and development of interactive and personalized templates in tandem, giving you more time to focus on creativity.

Creative Management

Next-Level Creative Personalization
Powered by Innovid Key

Developed to enable an accurate and persistent method for better understanding and targeting audiences, Innovid Key unlocks numerous identity solutions, together with Innovid’s proprietary Household Graph, in a secure, privacy-compliant manner. The result is identity resolution at scale that allows you to tell personalized stories on any device, avoid creative saturation and burnout, and more — all while ensuring data transparency and ownership.

Trusted. Reliable. Compliant.

Media Independent

Ensure your campaign results are accurate and honest by working with a completely independent partner.

Privacy Focused

Personalization and privacy go hand-in-hand. Innovid is committed to protecting and respecting consumer privacy, including the leading privacy regulations.


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