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Primary ad serving for high-quality ads everywhere, worldwide

Deliver high-quality TV, video, social, display, audio, and DOOH ads that satisfy all publisher specs through the leading independent primary ad server.

Quality Ads On Every Device.
Globally. Guaranteed.

New devices, channels, platforms, publishers, and privacy concerns have complicated omni-channel ad serving. Innovid helps simplify your global delivery approach with instant validation and automatic encoding to unique publisher requirements in more than 70 countries — all from a single asset.

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Connected TV Solutions

Ad Serving Built
for the Biggest Screen

As audiences make the switch from linear to streaming TV, Innovid’s built-for-television approach helps marketers confidently follow suit. With open platform integrations, an infrastructure approach to identity, and optimization-based insights, we make it easy to deliver, personalize, and measure across digital’s fastest-growing channel.


Integrations To Help
You Work Smarter

In an ASAP world, Innovid helps marketers move faster by automating manual work like asset management, spec validation, tagging, trafficking, and more. Ensure your ads are served in reliable, safe environments through seamless integrations with viewability, audience verification, fraud prevention, and brand safety partners.


Redefining Identity
in a Cookieless World

Identity is the key to understanding your message’s reach, frequency, relevance, and ROI — but identity resolution is becoming increasingly tricky, and our ever-evolving ecosystem will never settle on just one solution. Innovid’s forward-thinking approach, Innovid Key, unlocks numerous identity solutions, in concert with our proprietary Household Graph, in a secure, privacy-compliant manner, giving you an accurate and persistent method for understanding and targeting audiences.

True Omni-Channel
Ad Serving Support

From strategy building and implementation to personalization and assessing creative quality, Innovid’s team of experts understands the intricacies of a successful digital marketing campaign. Whether you require self service, full service, or something in between, our professional client services team is here to support you every step of the way.

Trusted. Reliable. Compliant.

Media Independent

Ensure your campaign results are accurate and honest by working with a completely independent partner.

Privacy Focused

Personalization and privacy go hand-in-hand. Innovid is committed to protecting and respecting consumer privacy, including the leading privacy regulations.


Choose which partners work best for your business needs and martech stack, with a platform that is completely open and flexible.

We Work With Everyone, So You Can Advertise To Anyone.

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