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2024 Advertising Insights Report for CPG

CPG Advertisers: Innovid’s Data Helps You Connect, Engage, and Drive Outcomes with Your CTV and Digital Advertising

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Innovid delivered almost 380 billion video impressions through our ad server in 2023, which means we have invaluable and unparalleled insight for CTV and digital advertisers — especially for CPG brands. Our data-driven report, the 2024 Advertising Insights Report for CPG, helps CPG advertisers like you understand how to connect, engage, measure, and drive outcomes in a media world where CTV is increasingly important. 

Here are the key high-level findings for CPG advertisers: 

  • CTV continues to grow. Almost half (49%) of Innovid’s CPG video ad impressions in 2023 were CTV, an increase of 58% since 2019. Consumers are flocking to CTV and leaving traditional linear TV behind. Advertisers understand this fact and are boosting their spending on CTV advertising. 
  • Advanced creative performs. Interactive video delivers 5.6x higher click-through rates than standard display and 2.5x higher CTR than standard video. 
  • There is a video sweet spot. The most effective length for video ad duration is between 15 and 30 seconds, with 30-second ads boasting the highest completion rate (93.10%) and 15-second ads delivering the highest CTR (0.36%).  

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