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New! Roundel and Innovid Present CTV x Commerce

Data-Driven Insights to Reach Shoppers with CTV Advertising

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2024 Roundel Report

Introducing CTV x Commerce: Data-Driven Insights to Reach Shoppers With CTV Advertising, a joint report from Roundel and Innovid. This data-driven report delivers insights for marketers on reaching consumers and driving purchases with CTV advertising. The report is based on an extensive survey of Target guests as well as Innovid’s unmatched window on CTV advertising. 

The report offers actionable insights for CPG advertisers on how consumers are streaming television and how interactive, shoppable ads, and other advanced creative formats enable new levels of engagement with potential buyers. Here are a handful of the insights you can glean from the report: 

  • 91% of Target shoppers surveyed by Roundel say they subscribe to streaming services, and time spent streaming increased 40% over a year ago. 
  • 57% of consumers subscribe to ad-supported streaming services.
  • 60% of consumers say they research products after seeing them advertised on TV.
  • When comparing total ROAS for CTV products in 2024 vs. 2023, Roundel sees 2x growth in performance. This is driven by Roundel’s latest shoppable CTV formats offering, where there’s a 3x increase in average sales and a 2x increase in total ROAS
  • Interactive CTV ads provide 92 additional seconds of engagement compared with standard pre-roll.

In addition to the insights from Roundel’s survey and Innovid’s vast data on digital video impressions, the report also features interviews with CTV advertising experts from Roundel and Innovid. And finally, it offers advice on how to make your shoppable ads more effective.

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