AdImpact Partners with Innovid to Measure Political TV Advertising Across Linear & CTV

June 2, 2022

CTV Playing Larger Part in Video Mix for Candidates & Causes as Audiences Disperse Across Platforms & Screens 

WASHINGTON – June 2, 2022 – AdImpact, a leading provider of ad intelligence data for fast, smart decisions, has chosen Innovid (NYSE: CTV), a leading independent CTV advertising delivery and measurement platform, as its cross-platform measurement partner for political linear and connected TV (CTV) campaigns. Leveraging the TVSquared by Innovid platform, AdImpact advertisers get a unified view of their converged TV campaigns and real-time insights on reach, frequency, incremental reach and outcomes.  

As 2022 midterm election races heat up, political media strategists are recognizing the need to move beyond just broadcast and cable to reach voters with changing viewing habits. With $1.5 billion in ad spend projected to go to CTV during this year’s midterms (17% of total political ad spend), video mixes are more heavily relying on streaming advertising to find, reach and engage with targeted audiences across platforms and screens.  

“This is a crucial political cycle, and CTV will play an instrumental role in helping candidates and causes get their messages heard by the right people, at the right times and in the right places,” Kyle Roberts, CEO, AdImpact. “With the TV video mix looking very different from years past, having accurate, real-time measurement is critical. With the TVSquared by Innovid platform, we have access to delivery and performance metrics from linear and CTV in a single, unified solution, giving us granular insights into who was reached, where, when, and how often.” 

The TVSquared by Innovid platform offers political advertisers real-time, privacy-compliant analytics to: 

  • Understand the metrics that matter the most, including reach, frequency, incremental reach and performance insights  
  • Quantify incremental reach over linear and across individual streaming platforms 
  • Identify the point of diminishing returns and optimal ad frequency 
  • Find efficiencies, optimize and retarget campaigns for specific audiences 

“Broadcast and cable TV remain powerful tools for advertisers, but as CTV grows rapidly, advertisers are diverting dollars to streaming,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer, TVSquared by Innovid. “Understanding the unique reach of linear and streaming, and that overlap, have become increasingly important – and political advertising is no different. We are excited to support the measurement and analytics needs of candidates and causes during this political cycle.”  

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About AdImpact 

Ad intelligence data leader, AdImpact, provides media firms, agencies, platforms, and others with data solutions that facilitate effective competitive analyses, media research, rich competitive analysis, ad attribution, and other critical marketing executions. The company collects and reports on hundreds of millions of daily ad occurrences, providing a 360-degree view of the linear TV, connected TV, and digital advertising universe. AdImpact’s comprehensive coverage includes all national broadcasters, more than 80 cable networks, 1,100 local broadcasters, more than 36,500 digital advertisers and publishers, and extensive CTV/OTT streaming. Data and insights are provided flexibly via intuitive UIs, cloud delivery and other methods to help make sense of the complex advertising data world. 

About Innovid 

Innovid powers connected TV (NYSE: CTV) advertising streaming, personalization and accredited measurement for the world’s largest brands. Through a global infrastructure that enables cross-platform measurement, personalization and real-time decisioning, and scaled ad serving, Innovid offers its clients and partners streamlined solutions that optimize the value of advertising investments across screens and devices. Innovid is an independent platform that leads the market in CTV innovation and converged TV measurement, powered by proprietary technology and exclusive partnerships designed to fuel the future of TV advertising.  

Headquartered in New York City, Innovid serves a global client base through offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter