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CTV Advertising

CTV & Creative: What We Learned Analyzing +330B Global Video Ad Impressions

Innovid analyzed +330 billion video impressions to uncover the latest CTV and creative insights for advertisers.
Advertising Measurement

NBCU Is Building A Multi-Currency Future That Local Advertisers Can Count On

Innovid is proud to partner with NBCUniversal to provide advertisers with a unified, cross-platform view of linear and CTV advertising + actionable metrics for reach and outcomes.

AI in Ad Tech: Cutting Through Hype & Harnessing Potential

“AI Mania” is in full swing. Let's cut through the hype and learn how advertisers can leverage AI to create more engaging and personalized campaigns.
Advertising Measurement

InnovidXP Enables Local & National Advertisers to Drive Outcomes Across Connected TV & Streaming with Disney Advertising

Innovid and Disney Advertising are collaborating to provide advertisers with always-on, actionable insights across Disney digital and streaming inventory, using InnovidXP.
Advertising Measurement

Apple, Attribution, & InnovidXP: How Innovid is Responding to Recent Privacy Enhancements

Apple is updating its privacy stance. Learn how this data loss will impact attribution and measurement — and what Innovid is doing to help marketers stay ahead.

Case Study – Haleon Heals + Personalizes at Scale with Innovid DCO

Learn how Haleon used Innovid DCO tools to target audiences with personalized ads — boosting connections, clickthrough rates, and efficiency.
Advertising Measurement

It's All About the Creative

Converged TV marketers should lean into creative metrics. Learn how measuring creative performance helps to reach and engage audiences, and moreover, inspire action.
Advertising Measurement

Case Study: Panera x InnovidXP — The Bread & Butter of Streaming TV Advertising

Learn how Panera’s agency, Publicis, used InnovidXP to inform optimizations, capture cost efficiencies, and increase unique reach in streaming ads.
Ad Serving

Case Study: Canvas Worldwide x Innovid’s Automated Integration Saves Major Time

Learn how Canvas Worldwide, one of the fastest growing media agencies, saved an average of 60 minutes per campaign with Innovid's Google Campaign Manager integration.
Omni-Channel Advertising

Adapting Mix, Measurement, & Creative Strategies for Converged TV

Innovid x Ascendant Network uncovered how advertisers are adapting their video mix, measurement, and creative strategies today to take advantage of the converged TV landscape. 
Advertising Measurement

4 Pillars of Championing Converged TV Campaigns

Master the pillars of building successful converged TV campaigns, including data–because, thanks to the abundance of new metrics at our fingertips, measurability is greater today than ever before.
Omni-Channel Advertising

Converged TV Unification is Happening Today!

Hear from advertisers leveraging unified solutions to get a holistic view into audience reach and performance across converged TV platforms and screens. 

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