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Advertising Measurement

How marta GmbH boosted website visits by 400% with InnovidXP

With InnovidXP, marta Gmbh enhanced campaign performance and informed media buys, enabling quick shifts to higher-performing assets, times, and channels. 
Identity Resolution

Innovid Introduces "Identity Unlocked"

Innovid's new guide, Identity Unlocked, outlines our vision for the future of identity and shows how Innovid Key helps advertisers connect with their audiences.
CTV Advertising

Streaming Is a Part of Everyday Life, and So Is Shoppable CTV Advertising

A new Roundel and Innovid report finds that shoppers are increasingly streaming content; they interact with CTV ads; and they make purchases via shoppable ads.
CTV Advertising

3 Key Trends Defining Cannes Lions 2024

These three advertising topics drove discussions at Cannes Lions 2024 and will be crucial to the success of brands, agencies, and publishers. 
CTV Advertising

Harmony Direct: A More Efficient CTV Supply Path (Video)

Harmony Product Lead Shamim Samadi explains the power of Innovid’s Harmony Direct to make the CTV ad ecosystem more effective, efficient, and sustainable.
CTV Advertising

The Rise of Shoppable CTV Advertising

Roundel and Innovid launched CTV x Commerce 2024, a new data-driven report exploring the rise of shoppable advertising.
CTV Advertising

10 Eye-Opening Stats Illuminating the Rise of CTV (Infographic)

In this new infographic, you can explore the latest statistics that shed light on the increasing popularity of CTV and its impact on the digital advertising landscape.
CTV Advertising

Video Recap: Connected Vision 2024

In this blog post, you'll find a short video that recaps Connected Vision, where Innovid launched Harmony Direct, improving efficiency, transparency, ROI, and sustainability in the CTV ad ecosystem.
CTV Advertising

How CTV Delivers “Goldilocks” Reach and Frequency to Advertisers

CTV provides advertisers unprecedented “Goldilocks” scale to ensure that your reach and frequency level is neither too high nor too low — but just right.
CTV Advertising

Introducing Harmony

Innovid's Harmony is a first-to-market product suite bringing harmony to the CTV advertising ecosystem for advertisers, publishers, and media platforms. 
CTV Advertising

Bringing Harmony to the CTV Marketplace. Together.

Innovid launched Harmony, new products that address CTV advertising's biggest challenges to build a better future for brands, agencies, and publishers.  
CTV Advertising

Can the CTV Advertising Ecosystem Avoid the Mistakes of the Past?

As linear TV rapidly approaches its fully digital future, we can learn a lot from the mistakes of the digital display past to create a better CTV future.

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