Compulse Drives Reach Extension And Performance Impact For National Law Firm

July 18, 2023

Compulse Case Study



A prestigious national law firm was looking to run a cross-platform TV campaign with Compulse but wanted data-driven insight into how adding streaming into the mix might extend reach and improve campaign performance. Being a services provider, they were looking for a solution that could help them understand their investments’ impact in driving online traffic and, ultimately, new case leads.


Compulse has an excellent track record of developing streamlined strategies to execute more profitable TV advertising campaigns. To help the law firm achieve their objective, Compulse turned to Innovid to provide cross-platform campaign measurement and performance insights. Utilizing the InnovidXP platform, the Compulse team was able to identify the unique reach generated by each TV platform and to measure how each platform contributed to driving traffic and conversions on the advertiser’s website.


  • +125% Response Rate
  • +88% Case Evaluations
  • 87% Unique Reach of Streaming Platform

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