Compulse Optimizations Deliver Spike In CTV Campaign Outcomes For Financial Services Advertiser

August 29, 2023


A premier financial planning company wanted to run a CTV campaign to drive consumers who were in-market for personal financial services to visit their website and take action. The advertiser was relatively new to CTV, and Compulse needed to deliver ongoing proof of performance to give the advertiser confidence to commit to in-flight spend increments and future campaigns.



Compulse offers its advertisers a high-touch managed service where the Compulse team reviews campaign performance on a daily basis and makes any required optimizations to ensure delivery against the advertiser’s goals.

As part of this service, Compulse uses InnovidXP to help track real time campaign outcomes and quickly assess the impact of in-flight optimizations and incremental spend.

Compulse set up relevant KPIs for the advertiser in the platform to track campaign-driven actions on specific target pages on the advertiser’s website, such as completing and submitting a specific form.



Using InnovidXP, the Compulse managed service team was able to track daily campaign performance at a granular level, and make two key in-flight optimizations to ensure the advertiser’s goals were met. First they adjusted the creative messaging adding a specific call to action, and next they fine-tuned the audience targeting strategy.

As a direct result of both optimizations, Compulse was able to evidence a 241% lift against the campaign KPI of consumers completing the advertiser’s online form. This in-flight performance insight gave the advertiser the confidence to increase their campaign spend during the last few weeks of the campaign and to invest in future CTV campaigns moving forward.

  • +76% In Website Activity From Adjusted Messaging
  • +73% In Website Activity From Adjusted Audience Targeting
  • 241% Lift In Campaign KPI Performance

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