Davis Elen Builds On Previous CTV-Focused Strategy Success, Expanding Across Devices With InnovidXP

March 30, 2023

Davis Elen Case Study


Building off their previous success in connected TV for the likes of the Southern California Toyota Dealers Association (SCTDA) and McDonald’s co-ops, Davis Elen Advertising set out to expand their device-first approach to cover more devices more partners and more advertisers. The goal was to understand whether expanding to include video running across television, desktop, and mobile screens would yield incremental reach and frequency-based cost savings.


Working side by side with leading TV partners like LG and Samsung, Davis Elen Advertising expanded their initial approach of purchasing premium owned and operated (O&O) CTV inventory to all streaming video inventory. Upon campaign launch, Innovid delivered ad tags that automatically and independently captured reach, frequency, and overlap results.


The InnovidXP insights revealed that the device-first approach had legs outside of CTV and across verticals. For their global project management software client, Davis Elen Advertising achieved an average 20% decrease in cost per unique reach across the premium video buy. For SCTDA, Davis Elen Advertising saw a Unique Reach Percentage of 94% across cross-device video partners with a minimal 6% overlap.

  • -20% in Cost Per Unique Reach
  • 92% Unique Reach Across Entire Campaign
  • 7X Average Campaign Frequency
  • 2% Overlap Across LG Ads and Samsung Ads


  • Advertisers looking to learn from the success of Davis Elen Advertising’s strategy should leverage device-specific approaches, working directly with device operators to set unique reach, overlap, and cost goals.
  • They should also leverage independent third-party measurement solutions to monitor results across device operators and provide unbiased performance analysis.

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