Defining Success for Converged TV Campaigns

November 11, 2022

Explore how creative, media and measurement create the winning trifecta for connecting with consumers in a meaningful and valuable way.

The growth of CTV has stimulated innovation in media, creative and measurement, generating better metrics, personalized creative, increased datasets and an industry-wide quest for a unified view of TV advertising across platforms. Converged TV campaign success is now defined by the audiences reached across platforms, and by the outcomes and engagement that they drive – not by scale alone.

To truly thrive in a fragmented market, one filled with different platforms, data sources, and metrics, advertisers need a unified view of advertising and audiences across the converged TV universe.

With the acceleration of CTV and the longstanding market share of linear across all markets, InnovidXP delivers marketers a consistent cross-platform approach to counting and ascribing value, informing smarter, data-driven audience reach, and optimized media buying and creative strategies that deliver on impact and outcomes.

Join Innovid for a look at the power of InnovidXP, and a discussion on best practices for defining and measuring successful converged TV campaigns.

Insights covered:

  • New research into the state of unifying TV advertising
  • The role of creative in the success of converged TV
  • How to thrive in a fragmented media market
  • How to navigate the age of modernized TV measurement