Haix Optimizes TV Campaigns With InnovidXP To Increase eCommerce Visits

December 29, 2021

Haix Case Study


For European Retailer, Haix, eCommerce is a strategic sales channel. As such, the primary goal of their TV campaigns is to drive responses and ultimately sales.


Leveraging InnovidXP, Haix measured their TV campaigns’ immediate and longer-term impact on website traffic in the German market. The always-on analytics provided Haix with the ability to leverage granular performance data for campaign insights, and as a result, Haix increased TV spot inventory by 78% year-over-year, and through campaign optimizations, improved their ROI by 55%.


55% Improvement in ROI

+37% Increase in Immediate Visits

+24% Increase in Longer Term Visits

+78% Increase in TV Spot Inventory

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