Haleon Deploys Personalisation Infrastructure For Greater Relevance and Efficiency

March 28, 2023

Haleon Case Study


The team at Haleon wanted to leverage dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) technology to drive deeper personal connections and scale those ad experiences across video and display. They identified Voltaren’s different audience profiles as a prime opportunity to match segmentation with relevant messaging in a quick, replicable fashion.


Trainings were coordinated across teams to gain alignment on timelines, roles, and responsibilities. Innovid’s Composer Suite was used as a conduit to the design tools the team was already using. After 5 base frameworks were created, Innovid’s rendering engine went to work, building 343 unique creative versions in less than an hour. With the help of a publisher macro, Haleon’s messaging was aligned with audience targeting and deployed across video and display.


  • +94% in Video CTR vs. Brand Benchmarks
  • 2.5x Better CTR on Youtube for DCO Video Compared to Standard
  • 1.6x Improved Display CTR Through Inflight Optimisations


  • Align teams regularly with syncs and responsibility mapping when efficiency is the name of the game. This helps reduce time spent waiting between the steps to launch a campaign.
  • Create even more time savings by using Innovid’s Composer Suite to author and map dynamic creative in the tools designers already know.
  • Strengthen cross-platform insights through the flexibility of DCO. Messaging strategy can be easily tested and honed against a campaign’s performance KPI, then shared across all owned properties.

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