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Dynamic creative optimization built
to streamline the way you work

Put the focus back on creativity by leveraging our seamless integrations, self-service CTV Composer, and out-of-the-box DCO solutions.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel—Make Personalized Advertising Better with Innovid's Composer Suite

You don’t have to abandon Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop or Google Web Designer. Our integrations not only effortlessly plug into these programs, but also allows you to incorporate data into your design so you can generate dynamic elements instantly.

  • Use the Tools You Love: The choice is yours to work the way you want
  • Where Data Meets Design: Uploads and versioning are a breeze because you can map data as you design: ensuring you’re always on top of which elements are dynamic
  • Effortless Uploads: Simply export your design from your program of choice and upload the zip file to the Innovid platform

Adobe After Effects


Adobe Photoshop


Google Web Designer


Innovid’s Open
Creative API

CTV Dynamic Ads Shouldn’t Be So Complicated

Building beautiful ad experiences for the fastest-growing channel is as easy as upload, compose, publish, repeat. No more worrying about video players or the lack of tag type standardization. With Innovid’s CTV Composer you can build interactive and personalized advertising experiences for more than 25 devices up to ten times faster.

  • User-Friendly and Interactive: Build interactive experiences for top performing formats with intuitive drag and drop technology
  • Support for Creatives from Creatives: Help with campaigns, concepting, storyboards, wireframes, versioning, data feeds and more are just a click or call away

Preview Ads in TV Monster

See your ad experience through the eyes of the consumer by casting your creative from CTV Composer to Innovid’s Roku app TV Monster. Make adjustments on the fly and cast again to see edits in real-time.


DCO Plug & Play Strategies

Personalized advertising can be exhausting, but we’ve done the hard work for you. Use our tested and proven strategies to make dynamic creative a piece of cake—even if you have no idea where to start.

  • Objective is Everything: No campaign is complete without a clear goal. Choose from priority business objectives to determine the best frameworks to help you reach and exceed them.
  • Strategies that Scale: DCO is designed for change – these frameworks make it easy to optimize your creative, data points, and overall strategy based on your brand’s unique real-time, real-world results.
  • Faster Implementation: Use frameworks that cut the creative process substantially, allowing you to focus on optimizing revenue, remaining competitive and eclipsing KPIs.

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