Innovid Launches First Real-Time Creative Targeting System For Digital TV Based On Offline CPG Purchase Data From Nielsen Catalina Solutions

June 16, 2017

MODI Media First to Enable Clients to Target and Optimize Digital Video Ads Across Connected TV and OTT Devices Based on Purchase Behavior

NEW YORK, June 16, 2017 – Innovid, the world’s leading video marketing platform for advertisers to create, deliver and measure video experiences on any device, today launched the first-ever technology solution for marketers to dynamically customize connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) ads based on purchase-based CPG audience segments from Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), a leader in purchase-based targeting and return on ad spend (ROAS) measurement for the CPG industry. MODI Media, GroupM’s advanced television business, will be the first to use this solution, which can deliver advertisements on more than 25 different connected TV devices, including OTT-enabled boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray streaming players and more than 1,000 different TV and video apps.

“Connected TV and OTT viewing platforms combine premium video viewing with the sophistication of digital, which opens up a whole new world for marketers,” said Carl Spaulding, EVP of Strategy, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “With this solution, marketers can be confident that the right creative will be delivered to the right audience.”

This new solution will combine Innovid’s platform for Connected TV and OTT video delivery, smart real-time decisioning and advanced analytics with Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ purchase dataset, which leverages Catalina’s shopper database, and Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s data management platform. Now, CPG marketers with multiple products in their portfolio can have access to a technology solution that can reach the most relevant households based on purchase behavior and better manage spend to increase their return on ad spend (ROAS).

“Nestle Purina is highly aware of the shift happening in the television space towards smarter more connected devices,” said Patricia Hogan, Senior Media Manager, Nestle Purina PetCare. “We anticipate a world of one-to-one communications in television marketing and believe this innovation is making a real leapfrog towards that.”

“With this new solution from Innovid and NCS, Modi clients, especially those with a diverse portfolio of products, can now leverage purchase data to maximize the impact of every impression served via broadcast quality programming on Connected TV,” said Seth Walters, President of MODI Media. “This is the ideal state dynamically customized connected TV advertising; relying on data to improve communication accuracy, allowing brands to capitalize on an attentive audience so that the right viewers see the right message at correct stage of their journey.”

“More than anything we are fascinated with this new future of television, as it truly creates a significantly better viewer experience,” said Tal Chalozin CTO and Co-Founder of Innovid. “The world of captive viewer attention is gone and now our mission is to reward viewers’ attention with the most relevant stories and gorgeous experiences, using technology to generate learnings. This is the future of TV and we are committed to build the technologies to make it happen.”

The new solution is live now across all Connected TVs, OTT devices and apps, allowing marketers to truly split “audience” and “storytelling.” It will be demonstrated at Cannes Lion Festival in Nice, France from June 19th to 22nd.

About Innovid

Innovid is the world’s leading video marketing platform, empowering advertisers to create, deliver, optimize and measure the most innovative video experiences on any device and media outlet. Providing a holistic, cross-device, data-driven solution to meet the demands of audience fragmentation and personalize the customer journey, Innovid’s patented, best-in-market technology and advanced measurement capabilities allow marketers to thrive in an ever-changing digital television landscape and engage viewers at scale via immersive, interactive storytelling. Innovid powers cross-channel video marketing efforts for some of the largest brands in over 28 countries including Bank of America, Best Buy, Citi, Comcast, Kraft, L’Oréal, Microsoft, P&G, Walmart, Samsung, Sprint, and Toyota.

Headquartered in New York City, Innovid also has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, London, Sydney, and Tel Aviv. Innovid is backed by investors Sequoia Capital, Genesis Partners, T-Venture, Vintage Investment Partners, Cisco Investments, and NewSpring Capital. Innovid’s numerous awards include IAB Mixx Rising Stars, Digiday Video Awards, Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Best Places To Work, AdAge Best Places to Work, and Crain’s Best Places To Work. For more information, please visit localhost/sanborn/innovid.

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions

NCS (Nielsen Catalina Solutions) is a purchase-based ad targeting and ROAS measurement firm serving the CPG industry. NCS integrates in-store purchase data from nearly 90 million households with media exposure data from TV, online, mobile, print, radio and CRM to help consumer packaged goods advertisers, agencies and media companies define their most valuable audience, reach them with advertising and measure incremental sales from the campaign. The joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina has helped over 200 advertisers and 450+ brands optimize ad performance to drive revenue growth and increase return on ad spend. Visit us at to learn more.

About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE: NLSN) is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy. Nielsen’s Watch segment provides media and advertising clients with Total Audience measurement services for all devices on which content—video, audio and text—is consumed. The Buy segment offers consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers the industry’s only global view of retail performance measurement. By integrating information from its Watch and Buy segments and other data sources, Nielsen also provides its clients with analytics that help improve performance. Nielsen, an S&P 500 company, has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit

About Modi Media

Modi Media is GroupM’s advanced television arm which amplifies the effectiveness of TV for clients with addressable TV, hyper-local TV and interactive/OTT TV campaigns. Modi leverages data and technology to advance audience targeting, which deepens consumer engagement and improves return on investment. MODI helps clients innovate on TV and maximize learning based on accountable, data-driven campaign results.



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