The Great CTV Data Disconnect: Innovid’s Dave Helmreich

November 3, 2023

Connected TV advertising is supposed to provide brands the ability to optimize their campaigns in real time – just like they do in digital.

So why are so many brands feel like they are blowing this opportunity? Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer at Innovid, says it’s a combination of fragmented data, and a slow-moving industry.

According to new research conducted by the ad tech firm among 250 brands and agencies, 56% of marketing leaders said they spend more than half of their time optimizing CTV campaigns, yet more than 60% feel their efforts are falling short.

That disconnect comes as brands feel increasing pressure to prove the value of their TV ad spend, Helmreich said.

“There continues to be a ton of pressure on marketers to prove the value of their investment “That is increasingly a focus as the dollars flow into this space,” he told Beet TV. “A lot of them optimizing significantly less…the full potential [of CTV] isn’t being realized.”

Some of this is due to marketers simply not analyzing their performance data as regularly as they need to- which requires a new way of thinking about TV. But the bigger challenge is that today, TV data is often parked in a number of different places – some comes from measurement providers, some comes from optimization tools, some comes from ad serving platforms. That fragmentation slows things down, and leads to errors, Helmreich said.