Tune-in Advertiser Extends Reach And Drives New Subscribers With InnovidXP

May 18, 2021


Extend reach and drive new subscribers with programmatic CTV for leading tune-in advertiser.


The programmatic nature of the campaign enabled the advertiser to optimize performance and measure reach, frequency, audiences and outcomes in real-time. With a campaign leveraging 100+ creatives across multiple audience segments, target audiences were analyzed monthly, and impressions were shifted to the top performing segments.


The team quickly learned that what appears to be the best targeting strategy may not hold true when you start measuring against KPIs (i.e. subscriptions). Of the twelve original audience segments, one was drawing 52% of the impression weight. Through InnovidXP insights, the weight was reallocated to top-performing segments. The InnovidXP data also uncovered new look-alike segments to target.

+50% Increase in look-a-like segments

-59% Decrease target impression weight

+49% Increase in response

-15% Reduction in cost-per-response

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