Uncovering UNTUCKit’s Successful TV Strategy

September 23, 2021

Uncovering UNTUCKit's Successful TV Strategy


Launched in 2011, UNTUCKit is a fast-growing online apparel company that sells shirts designed to be untucked and thus fall at the perfect length for a men’s dress shirt. Since its inception, the retailer has expanded into women’s apparel and opened 70+ stores across North America and the United Kingdom. When UNTUCKit began advertising on TV, it measured success by monitoring website traffic when spots aired. But as the company’s marketing initiatives grew to include multiple channels, it became harder to pinpoint where traffic came from –TV, radio, print, digital, or podcasts. After becoming disenchanted with the inaccuracy of their previous TV attribution vendor, UNTUCKit turned to InnovidXP.


InnovidXP provided UNTUCKit with same-day TV campaign performance analytics on days, times, networks, programs, genres, creatives, and audience segments. Detailed analysis showed how TV drove web responses, giving the marketing team the insights to improve the effectiveness of on-air campaigns. And because InnovidXP calculates the baseline every minute of every day (filtering out non-TV-driven traffic), UNTUCKit knew the results they were seeing were accurate


Using the insights from InnovidXP, UNTUCKit continuously optimized its TV initiatives –ensuring spots got in front of the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. The marketing team then executed slight weekly and substantial monthly optimizations, resulting in net positive TV returns on investment. The company also:

-30% Cut Cost Per Response

-45% Saw its website bounce rate fall by as much as after a spot aired

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