Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Customizable Ad Currencies Will Be Hallmarks of TV’s Future: Hershey’s Vinny Rinaldi

February 2, 2023

LAS VEGAS – Determining the value of an advertising impression on television has become more complex as consumers divide their time among a wider range of viewing devices. This diversification is leading media buyers and sellers to adopt more measurement methods in their negotiations.

“There will no longer be a single currency in our marketplace. There shouldn’t be. Every brand operates differently,” Vinny Rinaldi, head of media and analytics at chocolatier Hershey, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts at CES 2023.

Hershey several years ago adopted an audience-first media strategy as it relied less on broad demographic information such as age and sex.

“By doing so, it’s removed the conversation around currency only,” Rinaldi said. “Customizable solutions and a multipronged currency I think will be the future state for everyone.”

Ad-server data are an important resource, because they can show how impressions were delivered to a viewer, whether it’s through a streaming device such as a Roku or a smart television with built-in connectivity.

“All truth sits at the ad server, whether it’s the buy side or sell side,” Rinaldi said. “When we think about an audience strategy, a currency strategy, the sell-side ad server can help us solve some of those problems….Right now, I think the industry needs to lean into testing, learning, failing and being really open to celebrating those failures versus those wins because we’re going to learn along the way.”

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