Wake The Bear & Simba Sleep Maximize ROAS Using InnovidXP In-Flight Optimizations

March 12, 2024


Simba Sleep, a UK-based direct-to-consumer mattress company, partnered with Wake The Bear to enhance their TV measurement strategy for their 2023 evergreen campaign. As long-time partners of Innovid, both were eager to adopt the latest InnovidXP enhancements, which would allow for household-level, impression-based measurement and optimization. Their objectives were to improve campaign performance by optimizing it in real-time and to provide independent, data-driven proof of campaign return on ad spend (ROAS).


The year long campaign blended sponsorships, linear TV, and BVOD, targeting a UK audience category of ABC1 Adults 25-54 (a demographic of higher income, professional homeowners).

Weekly in-flight optimizations were made across creative, daypart/day of week, station and linear TV/sponsorship mix based on response rate and online sales, fine-tuning campaign delivery for maximum performance. Using InnovidXP’s granular insight, the team uncovered that 10-second linear creatives delivered the same level of response, on average, as the 30-second assets. By optimizing towards the shorter-length creative, they were able to yield the same performance at half the media cost.


Using InnovidXP throughout the campaign enabled Wake The Bear to continually optimize across different campaign dimensions, such as creative, daypart and station, increasing Simba Sleep’s campaign ROAS by 14% YoY.

InnovidXP reporting also provided data-driven proof that this improved campaign performance had increased TV-driven sales for Simba Sleep by more than 14% YoY. 

  • +14% Increase in ROAS vs prior year campaign
  • +14% Increase in Sales vs prior year campaign

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