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CTV Advertising

Innovid Harmony Direct: A More Efficient CTV Supply Path

Shamim Samadi, our Harmony Product Lead, demonstrates how our new product, Harmony Direct, streamlines the CTV advertising supply path.
CTV Advertising

AdAge TV & Streaming Summit: Building Sustainable Supply Paths for Buyers and Sellers

Innovid CCO, Dave Helmreich speaks on how streamlining the supply path to its purest form allows brands to find the most cost-effective means to reach their target audiences.
CTV Advertising

Video Recap: Connected Vision 2024

At the New York Stock Exchange, Innovid recently held Connected Vision 2024, an event that brought together industry leaders to discuss the challenges of the CTV advertising ecosystem.
CTV Advertising

CTV and Retail Media: How They Are Working Together to Drive Results for Brands

Learn from the #1 ranked non-celebrity panel at Advertising Week New York 2023! In this live recording, you’ll discover how advertisers are driving scale, engagement, and action for brands with CTV.
Advertising Measurement

Measure, Optimize, Repeat: Lessons Learned from a First to Market Approach

Our industry has seen long-standing barriers between buyers and sellers crumble due to changing demands for transparency, accountability, and data-backed insights.
CTV Advertising

The Great CTV Data Disconnect: Innovid’s Dave Helmreich

Connected TV advertising is supposed to provide brands the ability to optimize their campaigns in real-time – just like they do in digital. Hear what Dave Helmreich has to say on the disconnect.
Advertising Measurement

Innovid enables converged TV ad measurement and optimization on 1 platform

See how our platform unifies measurement and optimization — across linear, CTV, and digital video — to provide insights that lead to action, and action that leads to results.
Creative Management

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Collaboration to Drive Progress in TV Advertising

The importance of cross-industry collaboration has been discussed, in theory, for years: to move forward, we have to do it together.
Creative Management

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Advanced Creative Advice for the Here & Now

In this “Right Here, Right Now” series with Campaign we asked industry leaders to share a piece of game-changing advice for advertisers looking to leverage advanced creative technologies.
Creative Management

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Relevance & Engagement: Advanced Creatives in Action Today

In this video with Campaign, we deep dive into how advertisers are taking a people-first approach to their cross-platform TV campaigns by leveraging advanced creative technologies.
Advertising Measurement

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Converged TV Measurement Advice for the Here & Now

Converged TV measurement innovation has exploded – arming advertisers with the intel needed to “connect the dots” across linear, CTV, and digital video.
Advertising Measurement

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Finding the TV Ad Metrics that Matter & Making them Actionable

Innovid takes a look at what advertisers are measuring today – from reach and frequency, to awareness and outcomes (and everything in between) – and how they are using those insights.

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