Connected TV World Summit | The opportunities in an expanded ad-supported streaming universe

March 21, 2023

What impact will SVOD advertising tiers have on ‘Opportunity to See’ and total reach; Does FAST provide valuable contextual targeting opportunities, or it just ‘more audience’? • Should we think of AVOD, FAST, SVOD ad tiers and BVOD as equals, or do some environments have a bigger halo effect? • How do marketers harness cross-platform measurement to optimise reach and engagement across broadcast and CTV, and make Total TV audience investments work harder? • Can Ad-UX and format innovation, like lighter ad loads, Solo Ad (one ad per episode, thanks to a sponsor) or pause ads boost effectiveness – and which ones excite you most? • Where will the budget come from to fund an expanding ad-supported streaming market – from linear broadcast, non-TV digital budgets, efficiency and effectiveness optimisations…? • What are the latest streaming TV ad-tech innovations to help media buyers achieve greater impact per exposure, and help media owners to maximise the value of their inventory?