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Amazon Ad Serving + DCO (Sizmek) To Innovid Transition

From Amazon Ad Serving + DCO to Innovid: An Easy Transition To Unified Cross-Channel Advertising

Amazon recently announced its business decision to shutter Amazon Ad Serving + DCO (Sizmek) in the fourth quarter of 2024. In the wake of the announcement, many advertisers are contemplating new partners.

Why Advertisers Are Switching from Amazon Ad Serving (Sizmek) to Innovid

Innovid offers four key advantages that help make the transition to our platform painless:

  • Benefit From Independence & Cross-Platform Accountability: As an independent platform, Innovid does not buy or sell media. This allows us to build deep partnerships and integrations with best-in-class players across the entire ecosystem to more effectively deliver ads, streamline workflows, and drive performance.
  • Personalize the Customer Journey to Drive Deeper Engagement: With dynamic creative tools, Innovid enables you to develop relevant & interactive ads designed to optimize cross-channel creative performance for your unique business objectives.
  • Expand Your Expertise With Person-to-Person Support: Innovid’s proprietary technology and service team supports you through the campaign lifecycle from pre-launch to post-launch, including asset validation, QA, trafficking, creative optimization, custom insights, and reporting.
  • Maximize Your Investment Through Converged TV Measurement: With InnovidXP advertisers gain a unified view of converged TV advertising powered by the scale and automation of our ad server. Driven by over one billion MRC-accredited impressions processed daily, our platform empowers you to effectively measure and deliver on your business objectives.

Ad Serving Solutions
for the New Age

In times of uncertainty, marketers need agile solutions that let them do more with less. Innovid’s primary ad serving platform automates manual tagging and trafficking work, protects against fraud, and even ensures ad quality — all while providing support from our team of global ad industry experts.

Image of Innvod's Ad Serving solution's user interface

Scalable, Dynamic Creative
That Truly Connects

The impact of engaging, personalized creative cannot be overstated, but bringing that to life — at scale — can be intimidating. That’s where Innovid’s award-winning creative management solutions come into play. Use our interactive and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) tools to create customized ads designed to improve performance and deliver against your unique business objectives.

Image of Innvod's DCO solution's user interface

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