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Sell-side solutions to maximize converged TV advertising revenue

Reimagine the viewer experience with engaging, personalized ads and provide advertisers with the measurement and metrics that matter most to prove campaign impact and drive investment for you.


A Unified Solution to Boost
Inventory Value & Ad Impact

Innovid sell-side solutions eliminate the need for multiple creative and measurement partners to personalize experiences, prove campaign impact, and grow advertising revenue. Through our unified offering, media owners can create engaging, personalized ad experiences for audiences while delivering always-on insights about the campaign and creative performance. Our advanced creative formats and features enable in-the-moment messaging, increasing time spent and engagement with audiences. And with a configurable, real-time view of  reach and performance across devices, your advertisers can understand their total campaign impact and execute against business objectives spanning reach, frequency, and outcomes.


Drive Business Growth
with InnovidXP

InnovidXP is an enterprise-grade, media-unbiased destination for linear, CTV, and digital video measurement. Already widely certified across the TV ecosystem by MPVDS, broadcast networks, DSPs, and streaming publishers, the InnovidXP platform was designed to elevate the measurement conversation from ratings and programming to impression delivery, authenticated viewership, incremental reach, and performance outcomes. Featuring automated workflows, easy advertiser onboarding, and comprehensive certification programs, InnovidXP provides media owners with the metrics that matter to driving growth.

Better Streaming Experience

A Better Streaming Experience
with Personalized Creative

Capitalize on viewers’ migration from linear to streaming with engaging, interactive creative, and addressable ad formats that add value to the viewing experience. With Innovid, publishers gain a partner with the tools and technology to generate advanced ad experiences at scale, resulting in more creative control for their teams, unique metrics for advertisers, and above all, memorable consumer experiences.

Flexible Technology

Flexible Technology & Tools
to Scale Advertising Experiences

Support your design and development teams through our proprietary SDK, industry-first CTV COMPOSER, and deep integrations with world-class creative tools to scale the monetization of your inventory quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for managed or self-service solutions, Innovid’s flexible approach offers seamless addressability and interactivity to all audiences, no matter what screen they’re on.


Dive into the Metrics that Matter

From linear to streaming, across devices and creative formats, InnovidXP enables publishers, DSPs, broadcasters, and cable companies to measure reach, frequency, and outcomes across their inventory, delivering the metrics that matter for every vertical and use case.

  • Household reach & frequency
  • Unique & incremental reach
  • Performance outcomes (sales, app activity, web visits, registrations, etc.)
  • CTV-to-mobile conversions (QR code, SMS text, etc.)
  • Engagement (in-unit clicks, time earned, app install, etc.)

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