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CTV Advertising

The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024

Innovid’s annual, data-driven look into how global advertisers reach and engage audiences and measure and drive outcomes across the CTV and digital video landscape
Advertising Measurement

The Converged TV Disconnect: Advertisers On Bridging the Gap Between TV Measurement Insights and Results

Spending on converged TV advertising is getting bigger. But new Innovid research reveals a converged TV disconnect as advertisers measure and optimize on separate platforms. And that’s hurting ROI.
CTV Advertising

Retail (Ad) Therapy: The Roles of CTV & Advanced Video Creatives

A look into how Retailers are adapting media & creative strategies today
CTV Advertising

CTV x Commerce: Media & Creative Strategies to Build Loyalty & Drive Shoppable Experiences

Innovid and Roundel deep dive into shopper behavior and how advertisers are adapting their CTV and creative strategies to keep up.
CTV Advertising

Shifting Gears: Global CTV & Creative Insights

An unprecedented look into how automotive advertisers reach, engage, and drive outcomes across the video landscape
CTV Advertising

Global CTV & Creative Insights

A look into how global advertisers are adapting media & creative strategies today
Advertising Measurement

Converged TV Measurement 101

Master the fundamentals of cross-platform measurement to get ahead in the highly fragmented, but highly valuable converged TV space.
Advertising Measurement

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Converged TV Measurement

Leverage converged TV measurement with InnovidXP. Download our lookbook to make unified cross-platform measurement a reality today.
Advertising Measurement

The Future of Converged TV is Now

Innovid and Ascendant Network surveyed 100+ senior-level marketers to see how media and creative strategies have evolved in the age of converged TV.
CTV Advertising

The Great Unification of Converged TV

Innovid set out to discover more about the priorities, challenges, and future outlook for unifying converged TV. We surveyed more than 250 brand advertisers and agencies–here’s what we found.
CTV Advertising

Add to Cart: The CPG Guide to CTV

Discover Innovid’s research into how CPG marketers are leveraging the CTV channel. You’ll find effective strategies, benchmarks, and more.
Identity Resolution

Reconciling Views on Identity Resolution

Innovid surveyed marketers and consumers to better understand their sentiments toward identity resolution.

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