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CTV & Creative: What We Learned Analyzing +330B Global Video Ad Impressions

Innovid analyzed +330 billion video impressions to uncover the latest CTV and creative insights for advertisers.

Global CTV & Creative Insights

A look into how global advertisers are adapting media & creative strategies today
Press Releases

CTV Accounts for Over Half of Global Video Impression Share According to New Innovid Study

Global report showcases growth and sustainability in CTV as advertisers prioritize its role in their media mix

AI in Ad Tech: Cutting Through Hype & Harnessing Potential

“AI Mania” is in full swing. Let's cut through the hype and learn how advertisers can leverage AI to create more engaging and personalized campaigns.

Case Study – Haleon Heals + Personalizes at Scale with Innovid DCO

Learn how Haleon used Innovid DCO tools to target audiences with personalized ads — boosting connections, clickthrough rates, and efficiency.
Case Studies

Haleon Deploys Personalisation Infrastructure For Greater Relevance and Efficiency

The team at Haleon wanted to leverage dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) technology to drive deeper personal connections and scale those ad experiences across video and display.

It's All About the Creative

Converged TV marketers should lean into creative metrics. Learn how measuring creative performance helps to reach and engage audiences, and moreover, inspire action.
Press Releases

Innovid Brings Data-Driven Personalization to Walmart’s Demand-Side Platform’s CTV Advertising Capabilities

New integration helps Walmart Connect advertisers deliver more relevant ad creative to connected TV ads

3 CTV Strategies to Spur More CPG Brand Loyalty 

We're digging into data-backed streaming strategies to boost brand loyalty on CTV.

Mechanizing Your Media Ops with DCO: Future-proof for 2023

Learn what DCO is, when advertisers use it, and why there’s an urgency for your brand to adopt it now.

Fueling The Future of Creative with Auto Optimization

Innovid has added some notable additions to our existing Auto Optimization solution. Here are the big updates and what that means for you.

Scary Stories Consumers Tell in the Dark: Personalized Ads That Spook

What happens when personalized ads get too personal? Consumers get spooked — and Tweet about it. Learn how to maximize reach and minimize scare here.

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