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Add the CPG on CTV Guide to Your Cart

Learn how CPG CTV advertising strategies have adapted through insights gained from analyzing 103+ billion video impressions served on Innovid’s platform.

How a Financial Brand Accelerated Engagement Through a Pivot to DCO

Personalization works. See how this financial brand leveraged Innovid's DCO technology to boost conversions halfway through their campaign.
Case Studies

Leading Financial Services Advertiser Personalizes Mid-Campaign To Boost Click-Through By Over 4x

Personalization works—learn how this financial brand leveraged Innovid's DCO technology halfway through their campaign to boost conversions.

AdTech on Deck: Understanding VPAID vs VAST

Choosing the right advertising tags for your video campaign can feel daunting. Get a definitive understanding of VPAID vs. VAST ad tags—and which will work best for your campaigns—here.

What if We Never Had Third-Party Cookies?

As we pivot towards a third-party cookieless world, it’s time to hone our focus on alternatives.

8 Cutting-edge QR Code Advertising Strategies

QR code advertising is so hot right now. Why? With QR codes, CTV advertisers can engage viewers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Here are 8 QR code strategies to take your interactive video ads

Renault Group Outperforms Industry Benchmarks With Personalized Creative

Renault was looking to increase brand awareness and gain interest in their new 2021 Duster. The approach: creative personalization.
Case Studies

Renault Sees 301% Lift in Engagement Through Personalized Video Gallery

Read how Renault was looking to increase brand awareness and gain interest in their new 2021 Duster.

CPG Brands and Sequential Messaging: Ads So Personalized, You Won’t Need the Skip Button

There's so much potential for CPG brands to tell captivating stories through sequential messaging. Here’s a bit about what sequential messaging is and how CPG brands can use it.

3 CTV Advertising Takeaways from General Motors

On Wednesday, April 27, Innovid’s CTO and co-founder, Tal Chalozin, spoke with David Spencer, Manager of Emerging Partnerships for General Motors (GM), at Adweek’s Convergent TV Summit about the curre

Global Brands are Revolutionizing Audience Engagement with CTV Personalization

With the steady rise of video streaming, global brands can engage with their audiences in more innovative and creative ways than ever before.
Case Studies

GSK Consumer Healthcare Taps Into Personalisation to Improve ROI Nearly 20%

Read how a leading CPG advertiser was able to improve both ROI and purchase intent by tapping into personalization across channels.

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