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Case Studies

OMD and Canva enhance Video Optimization Toolkit by tapping Omni Video Content and InnovidXP

Working with Canva, OMD elected to use Innovid as the ad delivery platform and cross-platform video measurement provider to complement Omni’s Audience Explorer & Video Content tools.

Case Study – InnovidXP x Compulse Turbocharge Converged TV for National Law Firm

Get an inside look at how InnovidXP and Compulse supercharged a leading law firm's cross-platform TV campaign reach and performance with measurement and data-driven insights.

Adapting Mix, Measurement, & Creative Strategies for Converged TV

Innovid x Ascendant Network uncovered how advertisers are adapting their video mix, measurement, and creative strategies today to take advantage of the converged TV landscape. 

Converged TV Unification is Happening Today!

Hear from advertisers leveraging unified solutions to get a holistic view into audience reach and performance across converged TV platforms and screens. 

The Great Unification of Converged TV is Here

The shift to converged TV is having a transformative effect on the buy- and sell-side of advertising. We surveyed 250+ advertisers about it and uncovered some big insights... here!

What's Up with Invalid Ad Traffic?

Ever run a campaign with seemingly stellar performance only to find out that your ad traffic is mainly invalid? Let's get to the bottom of it.

What the Heck is an Ad Server? And Why Do I Need One?

Let’s be honest—do you really know what an ad server is? You can probably deduce that it’s a platform for serving ads. In essence it is.

Innovid Expands DoubleVerify Integration to Automate the DV Video OmniTag for Verification of Media Quality

Innovid’s automated tagging integration with DoubleVerify now supports the DV Video OmniTag to capture enhanced measurement across CTV, desktop, and mobile ads

DoubleVerify and Innovid Offer Advertisers an Automated Way to Maximize Video Investments Across Screens, Including CTV

Expanded partnership streamlines delivery of quality media across video placements; integration shortens overall speed-to-market by seventy-two hours for advertisers

Top 3 Identity Resolution Takeaways from Innovid and the ANA

Key takeaways about the future of identity resolution from Innovid, the ANA, and Disney Streaming.

Introducing Innovid Key: A Forward-Thinking Approach to Identity Resolution

Innovid Key unlocks numerous identity solutions, together with Innovid’s proprietary Household Graph, in a secure and privacy-compliant manner.

Reconciling Views on Identity Resolution

Innovid surveyed marketers and consumers to better understand their sentiments toward identity resolution.

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