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New Case Study: Mattress Company Awakens Powerful TV Advertising Performance With InnovidXP

Simba Sleep, a U.K.-based direct-to-consumer mattress company, achieves strong results for its TV strategy with Innovid’s measurement platform. 
Case Studies

Wake The Bear & Simba Sleep Maximize ROAS Using InnovidXP In-Flight Optimizations

Simba Sleep, a UK-based direct-to-consumer mattress company, partnered with Wake The Bear to enhance their TV measurement strategy for their 2023 evergreen campaign.

Advertisers Optimize Less Than They Measure. Why That’s a Problem.

With CTV, advertisers can use data to understand how their campaigns are performing. Then they can quickly optimize by doubling down on what’s working. 

Innovid the First to Provide Granular Outcomes Measurement Across All DSP & SSP Ad Buys

Brands & Agencies Empowered to Understand the Combination of End Publishers & Sellers that Drove Performance

Innovid’s Super Bowl MVPs (Most Valuable Promoters)

What brands were the winners in the battle for Super Bowl ad supremacy? Innovid's data team crunched the numbers and here are our Most Valuable Promoters.

Chrome Officially Begins Shutting Down Cookies, but Life Finds a Way

Even though Google Chrome is deprecating cookies, advertisers working with Innovid will still be able to deliver, personalize, and measure their ads.

Sizmek Shuttered: Is This a Seismic Shift for Ad Servers?

Today’s ad servers are not merely a transportation system to get a tag from point A to point B. They're indispensable technology for unlocking improved ad performance, increasing ROI, and gaining a un

Disney & Innovid Are Closing the Measurement/Action Gap with Real-Time Creative Optimization

At CES, Disney introduced a beta dashboard that uses Innovid technology to enable real-time creative optimization to help advertisers maximize ROI.
Case Studies

Carat Taps Into InnovidXP To Elevate United Airlines’ Conquesting Strategy

Carat, a global branding and integrated marketing agency, sought data-backed insights to help its brand, United Airlines, stand apart from the competition.

Disney Taps Innovid and Lucid to Help Brands See Real-Time Success

Campaigns leveraging Innovid and Cint’s custom-built Disney dashboards are available across all of the company’s streaming platforms and can be extended globally.

Media Mavens: The Innovid Interview with Walter T. Geer III

In the latest Innovid Interview, Walter T. Geer III, Chief Experience Design Officer at VMYLY&R Health, discusses the powerful potential of AI, CTV, and DCO.

Media Mavens: The Innovid Interview with Sam Karow

Sam Karow, President of Effective Marketing Communication, discusses the power of data and optimization, the potential of CTV, and why he misses “spill."

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