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Case Studies

Publicis Captures Cost Efficiencies For Panera With InnovidXP

When planning for their 2022 measurement strategy, Publicis needed a partner who could provide an independent view of Panera’s streaming TV investment.

Adapting Mix, Measurement, & Creative Strategies for Converged TV

Innovid x Ascendant Network uncovered how advertisers are adapting their video mix, measurement, and creative strategies today to take advantage of the converged TV landscape. 

4 Pillars of Championing Converged TV Campaigns

Master the pillars of building successful converged TV campaigns, including data–because, thanks to the abundance of new metrics at our fingertips, measurability is greater today than ever before.

Converged TV Unification is Happening Today!

Hear from advertisers leveraging unified solutions to get a holistic view into audience reach and performance across converged TV platforms and screens. 

Adtech Empowers Industry Evolution: Predictions for 2023 

What will this year bring across the converged TV landscape? We have predictions from the top experts in adtech.

The One-Two Punch of Independent Global Ad Serving + Measurement at Scale

Discover the powerful combination of independent global ad serving and cross-platform analysis in this webinar!

InnovidXP Picks Up Streaming Steam in Germany & U.K.

InnovidXP is making strides in cross-platform TV measurement for German and U.K. markets, helping advertisers and publishers unify their TV advertising across streaming, linear, and digital.

The Great Unification of Converged TV is Here

The shift to converged TV is having a transformative effect on the buy- and sell-side of advertising. We surveyed 250+ advertisers about it and uncovered some big insights... here!

AdTech on Deck: Currency vs. Measurement

TV currency isn’t what it used to be (and that’s a good thing). In this month's AdTech on Deck, we demystify the currency vs. measurement confusion, so you can get ahead of industry changes.

Achieve Harmony in Your CTV Reach and Frequency

Advertisers can't afford to slack on reach and frequency—especially on CTV. Left unchecked, these measures can quickly damage an ad campaign. Here's how to keep your numbers balanced and in line.

More Marketing Partners, More Problems

A measurement provider is essential to boost effectiveness in campaigns. But is enlisting a high volume of marketing partners necessary?

Reimagine Cross-Platform TV Advertising with InnovidXP

InnovidXP delivers cross-platform TV measurement, consistently counting and attributing linear and CTV advertising across every platform, including walled gardens.

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