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Why the “Converged TV Disconnect” Is Amplified for Larger Advertisers

Advertisers are measuring their campaigns far more often than they're optimizing them. That's the converged TV disconnect, and this gap is even more challenging for larger advertisers.

Squadron Taps InnovidXP to Measure & Optimize TV Investments for High-Growth Startups

With InnovidXP, a global measurement platform built for converged TV, Squadron supplies its clients with real-time proof of TV advertising’s impact. InnovidXP provides analytics to Squadron’s clients
Case Studies

Squadron Venture Media Taps InnovidXP To Measure & Optimize TV Investments For High-Growth Startups

Squadron Venture Media excels in offline media planning and buying, specializing in start-ups and high-growth firms.

CTV x Commerce: Roundel & Innovid Look at Shopper Behavior & Ad Trends

Roundel and Innovid teamed up to create this report which examines market changes and provides useful advice for the world of CTV where there are more ways to reach and engage audiences than ever.

How the Converged TV Disconnect Hits the Entertainment and Financial Services Industries Hardest

Advertisers spend significantly more time measuring their campaigns than optimizing them. This gap is the converged TV disconnect, and it hits harder in the entertainment and finance verticals.

Measure, Optimize, Repeat: Lessons Learned from a First to Market Approach

Our industry has seen long-standing barriers between buyers and sellers crumble due to changing demands for transparency, accountability, and data-backed insights.

The Converged TV Disconnect is Magnified for Media Buyers and Creatives

The converged TV disconnect, which is the gap between measurement and optimization of converged TV ad campaigns, tends to be larger for media buyers than for creatives.

Why the Media Rating Council is Poised to Become Even More Crucial

New Innovid research shows 86.8% of advertisers place a high value on Media Rating Council accreditation, and the MRC may become even more important as the 100% digital future of TV approaches.

The Great CTV Data Disconnect: Innovid’s Dave Helmreich

Connected TV advertising is supposed to provide brands the ability to optimize their campaigns in real-time – just like they do in digital. Hear what Dave Helmreich has to say on the disconnect.

Media Mavens: The Innovid Interview with Katie Driggs

"An ad server allows us to look at reporting in near real time, without having to manually calculate it all. It is critical; it allows us to react in real time," Katie Driggs says.

4 Scary Monsters That Frighten Media Strategists (and How to Escape the Fear)

We here at Innovid have compiled a brief list of what should scare media buyers these days (and how to overcome these fears). 

What Impact Did the Writer’s Strike Have on TV Viewership and Advertising?

With viewership data quickly available from many sources, such as Innovid, brands and agencies can track shifts in TV audiences almost in real time when impactful events, such as the strikes, occur.

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