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THQ Nordic Partners with Paramount and Innovid and Exceeds Interactive CTV Engagement Benchmarks by 13x

To promote its new video game, “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake,” THQ Nordic partnered with Paramount and Innovid to create interactive CTV experiences that drove powerful engagement.

Innovid Launches Instant Optimization to Maximize Converged TV Campaign Performance Automatically

Using InnovidXP Measurement, Marketers Can Now Instantly Optimize Ads in Real-Time

Innovid enables converged TV ad measurement and optimization on 1 platform

See how our platform unifies measurement and optimization — across linear, CTV, and digital video — to provide insights that lead to action, and action that leads to results.

New Research Uncovers a Converged TV Disconnect, a Gap Between Insights and Results

New research from Innovid shows advertisers are embracing converged TV but want more when it comes to measurement and optimization of their campaigns

Majority of Advertisers Spend More than Half of Their Time Optimizing Converged TV Ad Performance & Still Fall Short

New Innovid Study Reveals Disconnect Between Measurement & Optimization Across Converged TV, Resulting in Business Impact

The Converged TV Disconnect: Advertisers On Bridging the Gap Between TV Measurement Insights and Results

Spending on converged TV advertising is getting bigger. But new Innovid research reveals a converged TV disconnect as advertisers measure and optimize on separate platforms. And that’s hurting ROI.

Innovid's Continued Focus on the Future of TV Advertising Measurement

Innovid is focused on the future of TV ad measurement for brands, agencies, and publishers in the fast-approaching world of 100% digital TV.

Looking Forward to 2024: A Message from Innovid's CCO

Innovid CCO Dave Helmreich reinforces the company's commitment to reimaging the possibilities of TV and says a new pricing structure is planned for 2024.

Innovid Unlocks the Power of InnovidXP Self-Learning for Media Partners

Our InnovidXP Certification Program makes it easy for partners to provide training for broadcasters and streamers that are using InnovidXP for measurement, outcomes, or both!
Case Studies

Compulse Optimizations Deliver Spike In CTV Campaign Outcomes For Financial Services Advertiser

InnovidXP informed two key in-flight optimizations, driving a significant performance improvement and ensuring the advertiser’s campaign goals were successfully met.

Case Study – Compulse x InnovidXP: Optimizations Spike CTV Campaign Outcomes for Finance Company

Get an inside look at how Compulse used InnovidXP to optimize CTV campaign messaging and audience targeting in-flight, resulting in a 241% lift in KPI performance.

Case Study – InnovidXP x Compulse Turbocharge Converged TV for National Law Firm

Get an inside look at how InnovidXP and Compulse supercharged a leading law firm's cross-platform TV campaign reach and performance with measurement and data-driven insights.

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