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Innovid Joins Market on Close to Talk CTV Debut

CEO Zvika Netter joins Oliver Renick to discuss what today’s debut at the New York Stock Exchange means for Innovid and the company’s push to re-imagine TV advertising.

Ad-Tech Company Innovid Goes Public on the NYSE

Online ad-tech company Innovid made its public debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

Innovid CEO Zvika Netter On The Company’s IPO And Its Plan To Win CTV Ad Serving

Innovid is a rare breed of data-driven ad tech company. It’s an internet-based tech startup founded in 2007 that focused from day one on … old-school television.

CTV Measurement Firm Innovid Up 10% in NYSE Debut

TV measurement and ad delivery platform Innovid closed its first day of trading at $8.75 a share, up 10%.

Innovid Shares Rise in Market Debut

Innovid Inc., an advertising tech company focused on connected television, saw shares rise Wednesday after it went public.

Innovid Begins Trading on New York Stock Exchange Under Symbol “CTV”

Innovid (NYSE:CTV), a leading independent connected TV (CTV) advertising delivery and measurement platform, announced it has become a publicly listed company trading on New York Stock Exchange.


Fundamentals of CTV

Everything you need to know to confidently incorporate connected TV into your omni-channel advertising mix.

Reimagine TV Advertising

Marketers need a trusted partner committed to innovation with a strong, reliable foundation in video to deliver the right message to the right people across all devices.

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