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Adtech Empowers Industry Evolution: Predictions for 2023 

What will this year bring across the converged TV landscape? We have predictions from the top experts in adtech.

PadSquad & Innovid Introduce Advanced Interactive CTV Ad Offering

PadSquad’s in-house creative team is an on-demand resource for brands looking to quickly produce and deliver interactive connected TV ad campaigns that drive business outcomes

Innovid's Dave Helmreich in the C Space Studio

Live from CES 2023: Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer, Innovid, fills advertisers in on the importance of outcomes metrics, unifying investments across linear, CTV, and digital video

3 CTV Strategies to Spur More CPG Brand Loyalty 

We're digging into data-backed streaming strategies to boost brand loyalty on CTV.

Measurement Innovation: Driving ROI with a Unified View of Converged TV

Jessica Hogue, GM of Measurement & Analytics at Innovid, shares the latest measurement innovation making an impact on the industry and how a unified view of converged TV can drive ROI for marketers.

​​The Multi-Screen Reality of TV Advertisers

Watch this conversation with advertisers, painting a picture of their multi-screen reality in reaching audiences and closing the measurement gap in the new marketplace.

Innovid: Reimagine TV Advertising

Imagine an advertising partner whose every move is designed to help you drive reach, increase engagement, and add value to your cross-platform media investments – all from one platform.

NEW STUDY: 92% of Surveyed Advertisers Say Gaining a Unified View of Converged TV is Important

Report uncovers challenges and opportunities within the converged TV landscape

The Great Unification of Converged TV

Innovid set out to discover more about the priorities, challenges, and future outlook for unifying converged TV. We surveyed more than 250 brand advertisers and agencies–here’s what we found.

Innovid Debuts New Technology to Algorithmically Optimize Creative in Real-Time, Improving Performance Across CTV, Video & Display

Latest innovations build on seamless, sophisticated optimization options to surface granular insights to maximize efficiency and effectiveness

Scary Stories Consumers Tell in the Dark: Personalized Ads That Spook

What happens when personalized ads get too personal? Consumers get spooked — and Tweet about it. Learn how to maximize reach and minimize scare here.

New Innovid Study: CTV Devices Account for Over Half of Global Video Impressions in CPG

Innovid’s inaugural CPG report reveals the power of CTV for brands in reaching and engaging global audiences

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