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Bringing Harmony to the CTV Marketplace. Together.

Innovid launched Harmony, new products that address CTV advertising's biggest challenges to build a better future for brands, agencies, and publishers.  

Innovid Launches Harmony Initiative to Keep TV Open for Everyone & Controlled by No One

Harmony Direct – First of Several Harmony Product Innovations – Bringing Transparency, Efficiency, & Sustainability to the CTV Supply Path

Can the CTV Advertising Ecosystem Avoid the Mistakes of the Past?

As linear TV rapidly approaches its fully digital future, we can learn a lot from the mistakes of the digital display past to create a better CTV future.

Why Brands Are Embracing Advanced Creative in Their CTV Advertising

On CTV brands can boost performance by leveraging new advertising formats — such as interactive and DCO ads — that simply aren’t available on linear TV.

Media Mavens: The Innovid Interview with Andres Dominguez Fabian

In this interview, creative director Andres Fabian dives deep into dynamic creative optimization (DCO), the increasing power of metrics, and more. 

Personalization and CTV: Advertisers Close in on the Holy Grail

As the personalized, 1-to-1 advertising pioneered on the internet migrates to CTV, Innovid's Dan Mouradian and Blair Robertson make the case that personalized ads will transform TV advertising. 

Innovid Launches "The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024"

Innovid's new CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024 analyzes 380 billion video ad impressions to spotlight key ad performance trends for brands, agencies, and publishers.

Innovid’s Annual CTV Insights Report Finds Interactive CTV Campaigns Drive Up to 10.3x Higher Engagement for Advertisers

Report Highlights Continued Growth in CTV, Interactive, & Dynamic Ad Engagement as TV’s 100% Digital Future Approaches

The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024

Innovid’s annual, data-driven look into how global advertisers reach and engage audiences and measure and drive outcomes across the CTV and digital video landscape

How Interactive Super Bowl Ads Are Changing the Game

Using Innovid technology, Paramount+ garnered strong engagement with interactive ads promoting "Halo" and other content during the Super Bowl.

Media Mavens: The Innovid Interview with Alissa Coronna

In the latest Media Mavens Q&A, Innovid interviews Alissa Coronna, Leo Burnett’s EVP-Head of Data Intelligence, about data, creativity, CTV, and more.

How Streaming Is Changing Super Bowl Advertising — for the Better

Millions will stream the Super Bowl, and brands will use interactive creative formats available on CTV to push the boundaries of advertising.  

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