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Mechanizing Your Media Ops with DCO: Future-proof for 2023

Learn what DCO is, when advertisers use it, and why there’s an urgency for your brand to adopt it now.

Fueling The Future of Creative with Auto Optimization

Innovid has added some notable additions to our existing Auto Optimization solution. Here are the big updates and what that means for you.

*New* Ad Authoring Tool: Adobe Animate Composer 

Innovid is proud to present our newest addition, Adobe Animate Composer! You can now author dynamic ads that include interactivity and timeline-based animations through a seamless workflow.

How a Financial Brand Accelerated Engagement Through a Pivot to DCO

Personalization works. See how this financial brand leveraged Innovid's DCO technology to boost conversions halfway through their campaign.

The Future of Creativity

Can you sum up the future of creativity in one word? We asked industry leaders to describe the future of creativity… in one word. Check it out to get inspired!

Creativity IRL

What do the experts find most inspiring about the advertising world of today? Everything from creativity to purpose-led growth and sustainability efforts, here. Fight FOMO—and watch now.

8 Cutting-edge QR Code Advertising Strategies

QR code advertising is so hot right now. Why? With QR codes, CTV advertisers can engage viewers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Here are 8 QR code strategies to take your interactive video ads

CPG Brands and Sequential Messaging: Ads So Personalized, You Won’t Need the Skip Button

There's so much potential for CPG brands to tell captivating stories through sequential messaging. Here’s a bit about what sequential messaging is and how CPG brands can use it.

3 Trends in CPG Digital Commerce

As brands continue evolving and fine-tuning their “content as CPG digital commerce” strategy, several highlights stand out.

Peach Joins Innovid Creative Bridge to Streamline Creative Delivery

Peach integrates with Innovid’s Creative Bridge to automate creative delivery and workflow for mutual global brands.

Mondelez Beats Brand Benchmarks By Personalizing the Holidays

Learn about how Mondelez leveraged Innovid’s Dynamic Creative solutions to tackle the holidays and navigate the nuances of Ramadan.
Case Studies

Dynamic Personalization Sparkles During Ramadan for TANG

See how Mondelez leveraged Innovid’s Dynamic Creative solutions to tackle the holidays and navigate the nuances of Ramadan.

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