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Case Studies

CVS Automates Creative Development To Drive More Relevant and Effective Shoppable Experiences

Partnering with Innovid, CVS unlocked their already existing Feedonomics product feed and integrated it directly into the Innovid platform.

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Collaboration to Drive Progress in TV Advertising

The importance of cross-industry collaboration has been discussed, in theory, for years: to move forward, we have to do it together.

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Advanced Creative Advice for the Here & Now

In this “Right Here, Right Now” series with Campaign we asked industry leaders to share a piece of game-changing advice for advertisers looking to leverage advanced creative technologies.

Right Here, Right Now Campaign Series: Relevance & Engagement: Advanced Creatives in Action Today

In this video with Campaign, we deep dive into how advertisers are taking a people-first approach to their cross-platform TV campaigns by leveraging advanced creative technologies.

Case Study — From Hurdles to High-Speed: Hybrid Ad Serving Helps PharmaAdvertiser Increase Speed to Market

Innovid developed a hybrid ad serving approach with CMI Media Group and Compas that enabled the pharma agencies to get to market fast.

AI in Ad Tech: Cutting Through Hype & Harnessing Potential

“AI Mania” is in full swing. Let's cut through the hype and learn how advertisers can leverage AI to create more engaging and personalized campaigns.

Case Study – Haleon Heals + Personalizes at Scale with Innovid DCO

Learn how Haleon used Innovid DCO tools to target audiences with personalized ads — boosting connections, clickthrough rates, and efficiency.

Adapting Mix, Measurement, & Creative Strategies for Converged TV

Innovid x Ascendant Network uncovered how advertisers are adapting their video mix, measurement, and creative strategies today to take advantage of the converged TV landscape. 

4 Pillars of Championing Converged TV Campaigns

Master the pillars of building successful converged TV campaigns, including data–because, thanks to the abundance of new metrics at our fingertips, measurability is greater today than ever before.

Mechanizing Your Media Ops with DCO: Future-proof for 2023

Learn what DCO is, when advertisers use it, and why there’s an urgency for your brand to adopt it now.

Fueling The Future of Creative with Auto Optimization

Innovid has added some notable additions to our existing Auto Optimization solution. Here are the big updates and what that means for you.

*New* Ad Authoring Tool: Adobe Animate Composer 

Innovid is proud to present our newest addition, Adobe Animate Composer! You can now author dynamic ads that include interactivity and timeline-based animations through a seamless workflow.

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