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Extra Credit: Innovid Earns New MRC Accreditation!

Innovid can officially add 1 more MRC accreditation across 3 environments to our credentials! Here's everything you need to know.

AdTech on Deck: Understanding VPAID vs VAST

Choosing the right advertising tags for your video campaign can feel daunting. Get a definitive understanding of VPAID vs. VAST ad tags—and which will work best for your campaigns—here.

What's Up with Invalid Ad Traffic?

Ever run a campaign with seemingly stellar performance only to find out that your ad traffic is mainly invalid? Let's get to the bottom of it.

What the Heck is an Ad Server? And Why Do I Need One?

Let’s be honest—do you really know what an ad server is? You can probably deduce that it’s a platform for serving ads. In essence it is.

Netflix Proves SVOD Might Be Going FAST

Given the recent Netflix news, let’s take a closer look at what Netflix’s situation suggests about the future of SVOD and FAST streaming.

Innovid Expands DoubleVerify Integration to Automate the DV Video OmniTag for Verification of Media Quality

Innovid’s automated tagging integration with DoubleVerify now supports the DV Video OmniTag to capture enhanced measurement across CTV, desktop, and mobile ads

DoubleVerify and Innovid Offer Advertisers an Automated Way to Maximize Video Investments Across Screens, Including CTV

Expanded partnership streamlines delivery of quality media across video placements; integration shortens overall speed-to-market by seventy-two hours for advertisers

Innovid adds digital audio to ad mix

An audio option for big brands that don't "heart" giant conglomerates

Innovid Adds Audio to Omni-Channel Ad Serving Capabilities

New audio solution further expands leading Innovid’s omni-channel advertising suite which already includes TV, video, display, and social

Innovid Adds Audio Ad Server to Offering

New audio capabilities round out Innovid’s omni-channel delivery platform, which already includes TV, video, display, social, and DOOH.

A Plea to Eliminate Manual Tag Wrapping

Why marketers need to move away from the error-prone process of manually wrapping tags and embrace the accuracy of automation.

Auto Advertising Gains Horsepower: Video Insights from Innovid iQ

Get the latest insights from Innovid iQ, your go-to resource for the state of video advertising.

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