Publisher Solutions

Maximize revenue potential

Working with Innovid your team can build highly engaging, interactive and addressable ad formats that drive incremental revenue opportunities for your properties. Reach consumers on all screens with a single platform that unifies delivery and removes friction operationally.

Our non-templated approach allows you to build advanced video formats that complement your existing suite of advertiser solutions.  Enhance your premium packages and offer advertisers the ability to connect with consumers on a personal level with best-in-breed video experiences.

These formats provide unique opportunities for viewers to spend more time on your properties and introduce consumption habit betterment.  Reduced ad loads and lengthier sessions result in more effective performance and more memorable user experience.

Addressability and interactivity

The future of TV is data-driven and interactive. Innovid’s technology allows for data-driven addressable campaigns to scale easily — our SDK technology is compatible with more devices and 3rd party tech providers than anyone else in the market. Our media agnostic approach allows you to offer addressability and interactivity seamlessly to all audiences across all screens.


Innovid - Volvo

Creative formats and services

We act as an extension of creative and operations teams with our world-class customer service and self-service creative tool.  We help create ad formats that offer scalable monetization at efficient pricing. Our OTT COMPOSER tool allows for both managed and self-service options to drive robust dynamic video experiences across any screen.

From overlays to carousels to cross-screen video units, we deliver video creatives that resonate and increased performance. Want something unique? We have offerings like choice-based ads and trivia units, we offer you new ways to re-imagine advertising in the living room.

Our unique channel install unit available on Roku allows for a scalable solution to drive new customer acquisitions for your media

Cross-screen analytics and reporting

Gain insights into performance like never before. Our holistic measurement solution allows you to compare performance of units across all screens and provides insights that drive actionable outcomes.