2018 Video Goals from Top Brand Marketers

September 11, 2020

Video has gained major traction with brands—and it’s not slowing down any time soon. According to HubSpot Research, video was the number one type of content that consumers wanted to see from brands they support (54% want video—compared to 46% wanting emails/newsletters). Furthermore, 43% find branded video to be the most memorable type of content. It’s clear that video is a big deal for brand marketers—but what are their next steps to make their video marketing successful this year?

Check out the video below to find out what top brand marketers hope to accomplish with digital video this year. Hear from major brands such as Campbell’s Soup, MGM Resorts International, Georgia-Pacific, RB Health, Toys R Us, and more!

“Standing out in a sea of sameness . . .what is really going to differentiate ourselves from the competition that makes people want to shop with us . . . and be part of our brand story.”
-Melinda Cheng, Executive Director/Media, Toys R Us

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