A Note From Our CTO, Tal Chalozin

January 20, 2017

Our mission (and passion) has always been and will always be to create a way to openly analyze all video consumption data across any platform, device, screen, or technology in order to provide our customers with real, comprehensive insights and pave the way for the “Future of TV.”

One of our biggest undertakings is aggregating a variety of all existing data sources and providing an encapsulation layer for every platform including online video, social, mobile, OTT, set-top-box, etc. We recently released a data set that reflected the shift from an environment in which there was 100 percent viewership with browsers/cookies/flash to one that is ever-fragmented, with less than 40 percent of overall viewership occurring on desktop browsers with flash and cookies.

As we aim to achieve the most connected world possible that combines specific user-level “signals,” we must protect user privacy. There’s a delicate balance in simultaneously maintaining transparency and deep user level data sets without sacrificing privacy.

In that spirit — We are thrilled to collaborate with Google as they focus on video viewership and rich data sets— both of which are key for marketers— and on building the dream of a cross-device, seamlessly connected world that doesn’t risk breaching privacy.

Today’s announcement from YouTube marks an important step towards creating an improved viewer experience so audiences can truly enjoy a better (and more relevant) connected world, while allowing marketers to engage consumers in a more meaningful way – and we’re very excited to be a part of that journey.

Contact us to find out more about our philosophy, our products, or just to chat about the future of data-driven video.