Integral Ad Science And Innovid Enhance Partnership With Video Blocking

July 16, 2016

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jul 6, 2016) – Integral Ad Science (IAS), the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced an enhanced partnership with Innovid, the world’s leading video marketing platform. Video campaigns running on Innovid’s platform can now utilize IAS blocking technology, which prevents video ads from serving on webpages that contain unsafe content, are fraudulent, or are in the wrong geographic location.

“Digital advertising fraud is a big problem that haunts the entire ad industry and we believe it’s our responsibility to address marketers’ concerns in the most seamless way possible,” said Ronnie Lavi, SVP of Product at Innovid. “Integrating with IAS allows us to offer marketers a proactive solution to protect campaigns from all types of fraud — while also complying with brand safety standards and geo restrictions — rather than simply report the issues after the fact. This approach will maximize a video campaign’s ROI and provide marketers with both full transparency and peace of mind.”

Customers have been taking advantage of IAS’s patented blocking capabilities for display campaigns since 2009. The integration with Innovid enables IAS to extend the benefits of its proactive solution to video, a format that is increasingly commanding more of advertisers’ budgets. Blocking occurs in real-time and at the impression level on desktop. In addition to avoiding fraud, blocking can also prevent ads from serving the wrong geographic location, or on pages with specific keywords.

“Last quarter, we saw that 10 percent of all video inventory was served to illegal bots. The high cost of video has mandated quality solutions,” said Kevin Lenane, General Manager of Video, Integral Ad Science. “Our blocking partnership with Innovid not only prevents advertisers from wasting video budgets on fraud, but protects the brand from risk due to unsafe content that does not meet brand safety requirements.”

The integration is currently in beta and advertisers can implement IAS blocking within the Innovid platform upon request.