We'll Answer These Five Critical TV Advertising Questions At CES

September 11, 2020


It’s safe to say that the world in which television lived or died solely by cable and broadcast is firmly in the past. However, while linear TV is nowhere near extinction, the new, more digital player in town—connected TV (CTV)—continues to shake things up for viewers and advertisers alike. In fact, by 2023 nearly half of US households will not only be CTV users, but will eliminate linear TV completely.

What Marketers Need To Know

Advertisers are facing a new reality—TV is converging. As a result, many are finding it more and more necessary to dip their toe in these new, mysterious programmatic waters. This is evidenced by the fact that approximately 10% of programmatic ad spend is currently going to CTV with no signs of slowing down. 

In other words, the future of TV is here folks; so what’s a TV marketer to do? A famous motto by Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE comes to mind here: “change, before you have to.” After all, the brands that are able to understand how to leverage the reach of linear TV in tandem with the innovation of CTV will undoubtedly be head and shoulders above the rest. All one needs to get started is a little context on what’s happening, how it will impact the industry, and best practices on how to move forward. Innovid, alongside movers and shakers from General Motors, MasterCard, White Castle, Hulu, Roku and more will be discussing these topics extensively at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

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Questions For The Modern TV Age, Answered

While these sessions will go well beyond the confines of the following questions, they offer a great foundation for what brands should be considering as they begin building not just TV, but omni-channel strategies.

1. What Is Driving All This Change Anyway?

Session: The New Frontier of Television

Learn the reasons for the massive increase in CTV viewership, and what we suspect will happen in the future. We will also discuss how it’s affecting the market both in terms of re-imagining the traditional advertising model, and the implications it has for brands, content providers, aggregators, and agencies. 

2. How Does CTV Impact Content Creation and Creative?

Session: Scaling Success in Connected TV

It seems like every year there’s a new ad unit that may cause marketers to update their approach to content creation. Here, we’ll explore what units are available on CTV, how these advanced formats can increase engagement, and more.

3. How Do Linear TV and CTV Complement Each Other?

Session: Advanced TV Measurement: Decoding Reach and Frequency to Improve Consumer Experiences

Advertisers are faced with the arduous task of identifying, measuring and understanding audiences across an array of digital channels. We will breakdown early findings on how linear and CTV can work together toward business goals, and some actionable next steps to drive success.

4. What Tools and New Innovations Exist That Will Help TV Buyers in 2020?

Session: Connected 2020: Planning For TV Convergence is the New Normal

2020 is going to be big. There will be new behaviors, opportunities, and shifts that will directly impact marketers as they plan, create and measure their campaigns. Learn how to determine incremental TV reach, and what buyers need to know to plan in the new year.

5. How Can Brands Break Down the Divide Between Digital, Social, and TV?

Session: TV Is Not Only Relevant, But Essential To Omni-channel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing is wonderful in theory, so why are so few brands doing it well? This session will explore the challenges of building a successful omnichannel strategy, examples of success, and useful approaches to unify and activate data in a fragmented landscape.

What questions do you have about the changing world of TV? Tweet, post or message us for a chance to have them answered by industry experts.

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