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Publisher solutions to
maximize advertising revenue

Leverage the leading independent platform to improve campaign performance, enhance viewer experience, and maximize revenue across all screens.

A Unified Creative Platform
to Boost Monetization

Engaging interactive and addressable ad formats can reach consumers and maximize revenue for your properties on all screens. Eliminate the need for multiple creative platforms by using one that removes operational friction and is nimble enough to complement the solutions you already use. Advanced creative formats can extend time spent, enhance premium packages, and reduce ad loads for a more memorable user experience.

Addressable Omni-Channel Campaigns

Scale dynamic, addressable campaigns easily with proprietary SDK technology that’s compatible with more devices and third-party tech providers than anything else in market. As a result, you can offer seamless addressability and interactivity to all audiences, no matter what screen they’re on.

Flexible Ad Authoring

Creative Tools and Integrations
to Scale Inventory Monetization

Support your design and development teams with world-class creative tools and integrations that scale the monetization of your inventory efficiently. Whether you’re looking for managed or self-service solutions, Innovid’s flexible approach helps your clients deliver engaging experiences across any device.

Interactice CTV Measurement

Dive Deeper
into Audience Interests

Use images, social assets, videos, and more to build engaging omni-channel advertising experiences. Allow audiences to explore additional content, offers, and products directly within the ad itself, revealing what they’re most interested in. Interaction data is available in Innovid’s dashboard, featuring unique metrics like time earned and CTV-to-mobile conversions.

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