Creative Solutions

Think people, not products with Innovid Dynamic Creative.

Personalization seems to be on the tip of every marketers tongue these days – and for good reason. Clients who lean into personalized, relevant messaging across channels report higher click-through and conversion rates across the board. In fact, eighty-seven percent of marketing leaders today are actively putting plans in place to support 1-to-1 personalization, but just 13% are confident in their ability to create and deliver personalized ads. Challenges surrounding device and audience fragmentation, siloed data, creative scale, cross-device and cross-channel optimization have driven the industry to the point of frustration.

From Frustration To Creative Freedom

Most marketers are ready and willing to personalize – the only question that remains is how. Innovid Dynamic Creative makes it easy. Simply provide our world-class service and support team with your customer attributes, base assets, and desired business outcome, and our rendering engine will automatically generate thousands of personalized ad versions, ready for delivery anywhere and everywhere your audience is.

Why Innovid?

One Platform

All your media - including TV, video, social, display and OOH - personalized, delivered, and managed via one partner.

Creative Freedom

Gain access to an industry leading suite of interactive and dynamic creative formats designed to capitalize user attention and drive business outcomes.

Media Independent

The results of dynamic creative speak for themselves, so there’s no need for media bias. Innovid’s media independence ensures the accuracy of your results.

Privacy First

Personalization and privacy can go hand-in-hand. Our platform is compliant to GDPR and other privacy laws - letting you personalize while protecting customer data.

Personalized Support

Our in-house experts understand the unique nuances of what it takes to be effective across every channel and every market with unmatched expertise where it matters most - in TV and video.

Freedom of Choice

Open Integrations

Build a stack, custom-fit to the unique needs of your business. We’re committed to an open platform with the ability to choose which partners and approach work best for you - from analyzing reach, frequency, to attribution and more.

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