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When your creative caters
to your audiences, engagement
becomes effortless.

Dynamic creative optimization across TV, Video, Display, Social and OOH.

Creative Solutions

Appeal To The Individual

Personalization is hard—only 13% of marketers are confident that they can create and deliver personalized ads.* Give our world-class service and support team your customer attributes, assets and goals, and our rendering engine will automatically generate thousands of customized ads designed to improve performance.
* Forrester Consulting, October 2018

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Your Content Supercharged With Data

Your Content
Supercharged With Data

Successful dynamic creative optimization (DCO) depends on three critical components: data, content, and the ability to marry them into a cohesive strategy. Create highly relevant customer experiences by using our fully adaptable DCO templates and decision tree to modify creative based on a wide variety of data signals.

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One Platform Less Silos

One Platform
Means Less Silos

Eliminate the hassle of using multiple vendors for your creative needs. All your media—including TV, video, social, display and OOH—can be personalized, delivered, and managed with one partner. No more disjointed processes, teams or data.

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True Omni-channel Support

Not only are the demands, goals, and products of your business unique, so are the nuances of what it takes to be effective in each advertising channel. Our in-house experts will apply their extensive experience to help position your strategy to achieve the best possible results.

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Trusted. Reliable. Compliant.

Media Independent

Ensure your campaign results are accurate and honest by working with a completely independent partner.

Privacy Focused

Personalization and privacy go hand-in-hand. Innovid is committed to protecting and respecting consumer privacy, including the leading privacy regulations.


Choose which partners work best for your business needs and martech stack, with a platform that is completely open and flexible.

We Work With Everyone, So You Can Advertise To Anyone.

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