Ditch Your Ad Builder, There’s a Better Way

December 15, 2020

I don’t want to shock the world here, but creative is crucial to performance. You can target media perfectly, implement data signals that allow you to deeply understand your audience, and at the end of the day if you’re just showing them the same dull ad, what’s the point? Creative is the front line of a consumer’s experience with a brand, and has been proven time and time again to be the most important component to building a successful campaign.

So why do we insist on making our team’s life as difficult as possible? Ad Builders and WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) tools sound great when they’re pitched as a way to bridge the gap between designer/developer and ad platform, but in reality it’s just another software to learn. They’re never as intuitive as you wish they were, often don’t include the features you really need, make you build your ad twice- once in your design software and then again in HTML. Worst of all they are usually tied to the ad server’s platform itself, making it very hard to scale the ad across walled gardens and owned media. By the end of the build, you’ve spent more time worrying about how to get the ad developed, than the actual content of what goes into it.

Innovid provides a better way, offering full flexibility for designers and developers to author ads through the tools they already love. Industry-standards like Adobe’s Creative Suite and Google Web Designer have spent the time and resources crafting tools suited to the niche of a designer’s needs. Our ad authoring solutions directly tie into their software, allowing you to handle design and development of interactive and personalized templates in tandem.

Where no standardization exists, we’ve built new tools to navigate and tackle challenges in emerging environments. Innovid’s OTT Composer is the solution to the industry’s lack of CTV standardization. Within the tool, designers and developers can build interactive and dynamic CTV experiences in a matter of hours. Critically, ads developed using Innovid’s OTT Composer are built to communicate with our proprietary SDK, enabling one creative experience to run seamlessly across 25+ connected TV device types.

We want creative teams to have the freedom to focus on building beautiful creative, not spend hours figuring out how to import a font. When an ad is done well, targeting, personalization, and creative all empower each other to deliver the best experience to your audience. It isn’t added complexity or a checkbox to mark off, it’s an integral part of how you speak to your audience, and now with Innovid’s tools a unified process. 

To learn more about our authoring solutions, please reach out to your Innovid representative.