Innovid Expands Integration with IAS to Measure Media Quality Across CTV Ads

September 9, 2021

Did anyone stream the most recent MMA fight on Showtime? If so, you would have seen that YouTube sensation, now professional boxer, Jake Paul, defeated ex-UFC champ, Tyron Woodley. Like any good battle, there is only one fighter that comes out on top, and the battle in the digital advertising ring remains unfinished between marketers and the fraudsters.

According to eMarketer, 60% of US marketers are shifting their budget from linear TV to connected TV (CTV), and ad fraud typically follows money. With the increased investment, CTV has attracted fraudsters, who have found ways to exploit the pitfalls of server-side ad insertion technology. Additionally, the lack of buying transparency that advertisers sacrifice when buying CTV programmatically poses another potential threat that fraudsters can expose. In a Wall Street Journal article, Innovid’s CTO and co-founder, Tal Chalozin, discusses the vulnerability of CTV ad fraud: “That is the core part of all of this. They [fraudsters] take advantage of there being no direct connection between the merchant [media provider] and the buyer [advertiser] by inserting themselves into the middle.”

Digital media quality company Integral Ad Science (IAS) works tirelessly to prevent and measure fraudulent activity in this environment with innovative technology including its unified video solution. In boxing terms, fighting for the title.

In 2016, Innovid developed an API-based solution with IAS, eliminating the consistent pain point of manual tag wrapping. The server-to-server integration provides both monitoring and real-time ad blocking for video. Today, Innovid is excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with IAS to maximize cross-device measurement, protecting the booming market that is connected TV advertising. IAS’s unified video solution, which gives clients access to reporting based on IAS metrics for invalid traffic across desktop, in-app, and, now CTV environments, as well as performance data such as video quartiles, completion rates, and viewability.

“As the video and CTV ad market continues to grow, we’re delivering the latest measurement and insights capabilities to help advertisers and publishers capitalize on these opportunities,” said Chance Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, Integral Ad Science. “Our expanded work with Innovid will help combat emerging threats across all video environments, including CTV, so that brands and publishers can focus on achieving quality impressions.”

Added Chalozin, “Marketers are increasingly looking for streamlined ways to drive CTV campaign effectiveness as the number of solutions and tools grow. We’re proud to expand our integration with IAS to continue to give our clients peace of mind that their CTV campaigns are viewable and free from fraud while also providing the efficiency to activate within one platform and workflow.”

As a platform built for television, Innovid understands how critical it is to develop best-in-breed integrations with leading partners, like IAS, to help marketers knock out the bad guys.

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