Innovid Introduces Viewability Metrics Reporting For YouTube And Joins Google Measurement Partner Program

July 22, 2018

Last week at the Google Marketing Live Event, Google introduced its new Measurement Partner Program, which aims to improve transparency and objectivity of measurement standards for the industry. A key component of the program is making it easier for advertisers to source approved measurement partners, and we are pleased to announce that Innovid is one of the leading trusted, third-party measurement providers in the Google Measurement Partner Program. Being chosen by Google to join this group of unbiased measurement leaders helps Innovid further our mission of offering our clients transparency for their video marketing campaigns across screens and channels, and provide uninterrupted, true third-party measurement.

As part of its ongoing collaboration with Google, Innovid now also provides viewability metrics reporting for YouTube video ads and Google Video Partners (GVP) across all devices—from desktop, to mobile web, mobile in-app, tablet and most Connected TV (CTV) devices. This means that Innovid customers will be able to leverage enhanced reporting for YouTube in a reliable and privacy-conscious environment, and these viewability metrics will play an important role for advertisers in the assessment of media investments.

Innovid will initially offer industry-standard viewability measurement for YouTube video ads, which is verification of impressions that have at least 50 percent of its pixels on screen for two or more consecutive seconds. Supported formats include YouTube Auction, including TrueView in-stream and Bumper ads via AdWords and DBM, inclusive of GVP inventory, as well as YouTube Reserve, including :15-second, :20-second, :30-second, and :60-second Reservation ads, including Google Preferred and Breakout Videos, inclusive of GVP inventory.

Advanced viewability metrics, including audibility and viewable time on screen, will be made available in the near future.

For more information about the Google Measurement Partner Program and Innovid’s viewability metrics reporting for YouTube ads, please visit