Introducing Innovid Key: A Forward-Thinking Approach to Identity Resolution

September 15, 2021

The holy grail for any brand is a 360-degree understanding of their customer, but concerns around signal loss, walled gardens, and data ownership seem to be mounting by the day. Even the news of Google delaying its deprecation of cookies wasn’t met by much relief, as marketers still needed to figure out a replacement by 2023. Understanding that our ever-evolving ecosystem will never adapt to a one-solution-to-rule-them-all approach to identity resolution, we’ve taken an infrastructure approach: Innovid Key unlocks numerous identity solutions, together with our proprietary Household Graph, in a secure and privacy-compliant manner.

Innovid Key allows marketers to reach the right people with the right message — at scale — while ensuring data transparency and ownership. Our ad serving footprint across over 95 million CTV homes (out of 108 million) enables our Household Graph to offer an unrivaled, near-census view of the available U.S. CTV households. Coupled with the ability to plug in external “keys” such as first-party publisher IDs, clean rooms, and external ID partners, Innovid Key gives marketers the ability to tell personalized stories on any device, understand reach and frequency, optimize campaigns to avoid creative saturation, and securely access and activate data across screens.

In a new study that surveyed both marketers and consumers, Reconciling Views on Identity Resolution, we found that marketer concern about identity resolution and consumer concern about data privacy are equally high. There’s an urgent need for an identity solution — like Innovid Key — that meets both parties in the middle. 

Top Findings:

  • 81% of consumers agree that it’s important to see relevant ads, and the majority (84%) would feel more comfortable sharing data if measures were put in place, such as having the ability to opt out or see exactly what’s being collected.
  • 73% of marketers say they’ll be leaning heavily on first-party data activation moving forward, but over half (55%) think privacy legislation will limit their ability to collect and store first-party data. 
  • 87% of marketers are still concerned about identity resolution on connected TV despite CTV having an upper hand in the ongoing identity crisis, as it’s a naturally cookieless environment. It’s critical to partner with companies who can help navigate the complex space.

View the full survey results for additional insights and tips for navigating identity as consumers become increasingly protective of their data, and learn more about Innovid Key, our forward-thinking approach to identity resolution.