Publicis Captures Cost Efficiencies For Panera With InnovidXP

March 16, 2023

Panera Case Study



When planning for their 2022 measurement strategy, Publicis needed a partner who could provide an independent view of Panera’s streaming TV investment. Specifically, the brand and agency wanted to understand the deduplicated performance to inform their 2022 media investment and optimization opportunities.


In coordination with Publicis, Panera launched in late 2021 across multiple publishers, utilizing Innovid as their ad-serving partner and measurement provider. Throughout the subsequent quarters, the InnovidXP platform provided Panera with always-on access to unbiased reach and frequency reporting. 

Initially, both the agency and brand were solely focused on analyzing the reach and frequency that each player within their CTV partner mix could provide. As they gained confidence, Publicis executed numerous in-flight optimizations shifting budgets to publishers providing more unique household reach and lower household frequency. InnovidXP’s always-on insights also enabled the team to maximize their OTT investment, pinpointing numerous cost-efficiency optimizations.


  • +5% in Incremental Reach
  • +13% in Unique Reach Efficiency
  • -4% in Cost Per Unique Reach


  • Implement in-flight optimizations as frequently as possible to maximize cross-platform investment. Leverage previous campaign learnings to develop strategic benchmarks for future campaigns.
  • Use the independent and unbiased insights from InnovidXP to ensure your media partners are adhering to pre-negotiated frequency caps in-flight and in-aggregate across the entire campaign. 
  • Evaluate household reach metrics to drive incremental reach for your overall campaign or at the individual publisher level. When in-flight, continuously track unique reach at the publisher level and reallocate budgets toward top-performing publishers.

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